Welcome to Hiraeth Spiritual!

Feeling homesick and a sense  of longing to be reconnected to our Divine Essence and Ethereal Being? Then Welcome to Hiraeth Spiritual! A blog that aims to provide information on all aspects that may lead us on the right path to our divine source and celestial “home”.  Blog posts will include subjects on Dream Interpretation, Astrological and Astronomical Phenomena, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance,  Pendulum Readings, Akashic Records, Archangels and Angelic Wisdom and healing techniques, Spirit Guides, Signs, Evidential Mediumship, Spiritual Hygiene ,  Practical Use of Herbs and Spices in Natural Healing Techniques and all that we can rediscover on our way back home!

With love, compassion and light we hope that you will enjoy our posts and that you continue to raise your vibrations in accordance with your soul purpose!  

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*HIRAETH (noun) = A sense of longing or homesickness for a home that you cannot return to. A word of Welsh Origin without direct English translation.