“Coming down to Earth” and how Grounding can help you ‘Get the Weight Off Your Shoulders’.

It has been one of those days! Too much of everything. Too many people, each with their own vibrations and energy. Each of them desiring either your attention or something from you. Too much work and not enough time to do it. Too many responsibilities and problems and that lead to you being overwhelmed, stressed, emotional and even ill. Suddenly, there you are at then end of the day feeling totally drained with the sense that you have all the weight of the world on your shoulders and no way of releasing it, so you too may ‘come down to Earth’. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately this a common daily scenario for a great majority, and this constant accumulation of others’ energies, vibes, mojo ( call it whatever you want) has been found,  by most in the medical profession, to lead to physical  and mental illness. I find it hilarious when these same professionals advise you to develop a ‘stress release mechanism‘. The easiest one of these, free of charge and that always been available to us since the beginning of time, is known as ‘Grounding’ and there are many  methods to do so, whenever you feel that you are just not yourself anymore.

What is ‘Grounding’

As the term indicates ‘grounding’ refers to staying rooted to the ground. In essence, grounding helps you feel your connection to the Earth . With grounding you are able to  release all that pent up energy that is not beneficial to you. Basically it helps, you ‘come back down to Earth‘ when you are not feeling like yourself anymore.

Below are just some of the many  ways that you can achieve grounding:

(Adapted from:  http://www.psychic-readings-guide.com/spiritual-grounding/)

A) Connecting with Nature

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Do some gardening ! Get outside and put your hands in some soil (no gardening gloves).  Be at one with the Earth! If you don’t have a garden, burying your fands in potted soil works as well!
  1. Hug a tree. Yes! Find a large deep- rooted tree and place your arms around it! This immediately grounds you to the center of the Earth. You can also just sit at the base of a tree and put your back against the tree trunk.
  1. Sink your feet in the ocean or river bed. Wading in shallow water is an excellent way to release all pent up energy stored.

B) Run a salt bath

Salts are wonderful because of their natural healing properties.  Combine that with the cleansing properties of water and you’ve got a winning combo! Salt uses the process of ‘osmosis’ as the salt mixture is denser in concentration to that of your body. In essence, a salt bath ‘pulls out’ all toxins from your physical body, along with all ‘toxins’ (aka negative accumulated energy) from your from your ethereal body (aura) .

Sea salt, Hawaiian salt, or Himalayan salt, Dead Sea Salt are excellent choices.  Add about a cup or so to the warm, running water.  You can add some drops of Essential Oils that pertain to chakras if you like, as well as  1/3 of a cup of baking soda to cleanse your body of all dead cells. Sit and enjoy for 20 – 30 minutes.

C) Eat root vegetables

Eating is great for grounding as it reminds us that we have a physical body and the process of digestion helps bring the energy down away from our energy centers.

Ayurvedic medicine supports that root vegetables are especially good for grounding because they grow underneath the surface of the earth; therefore, they can make you feel more anchored to the earth.  Root veggies are also a great choice because they are high vibrational foods.

D) Meditation : This method of grounding is known among all those who do spiritual work for whom ‘grounding’ is an absolute must.  Below is an adapted version from the many found online, suitable for all.

Tree Roots Meditation: (For best results, record this in your own calming voice, at your own pace and play it back wearing headphones).

Firstly say a prayer asking for help, guidance and protection during this meditation. You may call upon the Archangel Michael or any other angels and guides you may wish.

Stand upright or sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and become aware of the Earth beneath your feet.  (Do not cross your legs. Barefoot is always best when doing this, but not necessary.) Feel as one with the Earth and remember that you and the Earth are both  God’s loving creations.

Now bring your awareness to your own energy running through from the top of your head to the base of your spine. As you feel all the pent up energy building up at the base of your spine, see it as a bright red cord leaving your body, entering the ground below you, going through all the layers of the Earth, reaching its core.

Secure it with an anchor, a hammer and nail, or roots of a tree, but see and feel it happening. Feel the steady flow of all the unwanted energy being released from you,flowing down the chord to the middle of the Earth.

Now call your name down the grounding chord three times, taking ownership of the chord and feel that you have a flexible attachment to the Earth. Feel that you are now as one with the Earth.

Stay in this state as long as you feel you need it. Upon releasing all unwanted energy you will begin to feel lighter, calmer and in your own center. (This is especially felt in the area of your forehead,  the top of your shoulders as the tension is released, or your heart center, as your breathing  becomes slower and returns to normal)

When you feel you are done, imagine the Archangel Micheal cutting this cord with his fiery sword, leaving you full of light.

Finish the Meditation by thanking all those that you asked for guidance and help.

So don’t let everyday life way you down! When you feel that you are having ‘one of those days’, just take a few minutes, and get rid of all that is weighing you down!