New Moon in Taurus, 26th April 2017 (at 6 degrees Taurus )

With this Mercury Grade literally making my life extremely difficult, I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for this month’s New Moon falling in the astological sign of Taurus, with its slow, stable and grounding energy! So, just writing down, all the useful things we can do today,to harness this stabilizing force to recap, regroup and set some solid foundations to manifest our intentions!

So here goes! 🙂

taurus4Taurus is connected to Mother Earth, nature and environmental issues.

  1. This new moon is full of grounding energy, so spending some time in nature and animals is ideal today. It is also the best time to plant new seeds and plants of just do some gardening! A new moon manifesting growth AND Taurus? Nature will flourish today!

Here are some ideas!

  • Plant some herbs associated with Taurus, such as Clary Sage or rosemary! They will surely flourish and you can enjoy their many benefits all year round!
  • Plant some flowers associated with Taurus and manifesting energies of the new moon! Such flowering plants such as Jasmine, Roses, Mugwort and Honeysuckle.

Create a small manifesting corner in your garden or balcony and watch both your plants and intentions flourish!taurus5

No time for gardening?

  • Enjoy the essential oils of the above in your oil burner! Together with ylang ylang , sandalwood, neroli and patchouli, the associated with the loving and grounding Taurus energy.
  1. With the planet Venus in Pisces at this time, connecting with the Angelic Realm will also be much stronger today. Connecting with ‘the Creator’s Eco-warrior”, AA Ariel will allow for a deeper connection to the Earth and Animals. Spending some time with animals today will definitely harness this beautiful grounding energy in Taurus today! Connecting with AA Chamuel, you can call upon his loving energies to help you manifest your intentions in love and light.

taurus3Here are some ideas!

  • Take a long nature walk with your pets in nature today and take a break under the shade of a tree to ground both yourself and your pet from any unwanted energies, releasing it into the Earth.
  • Leave out some food and water for birds, or other local wildlife.
  • Sending healing and prayers to injured or sick animals.
  1. The sign of Taurus is also associated with their love for ‘good food’. Make the effort to prepare a good, nutritious meal, with high quality ingredients, including root vegetables to strengthen your connection to the Earth!

taurus6Here are some ideas!

  • Cook some slowly roasted root vegetables with rosemary and black pepper (associated with grounding and Taurus energy). If you can light a coal BBQ and cook them, even better! (There is nothing more grounding than cooking over coal!)
  • Focus on the intention to establish a loving relationship with high quality nutritious food to incorporate into your diet!
  1. Taurus energy is also associated with careful planning, taking slow, stable, well-organized steps towards establishing a solid foundation to build on. (Especially useful to promote financial prosperity and love into any areas of your life that you would like to improve.)

Here are some ideas!

  • Take the time today, with pen and paper, to connect to this energy and allow yourself to plan out a good financial plan that you can work with. Bless it with new moon energy, through your preferred manifesting rituals (affirmations, burying your paper in the ground, writing out a check to the universe, prayers or meditation) and visualize yourself manifesting this plan into reality!

taurus7Here are some other tools that may facilitate you to increase your manifesting potential:

  • Using crystals associated with grounding (such as hematite, black tourmaline etc.) together with crystals associated with Taurus and AAs Ariel and Chamuel (jade, malachite, carnelian, amber and fossilized wood) can be also used during meditation to manifest today’s New Moon Energies.
  • Meditating on manifesting your intentions can be facilitated by lighting green, yellow or white candles to the sacred sound of the mantra LAM.

(Here’s a link:

Wishing you all a blessed Full Moon and that all your desires be manifested into reality!


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