Making Archangelic Introductions: Archangel Jophiel -“The Dancing Queen”.

“You can dance, You can jive, Having the time of your life

Ooh, see that girl, Watch that scene.

Dig in the dancing queen” -ABBA

jophiel-sariAs the holiday season started to approach, visions of an elaborate, beautiful Bollywood dancer, enrobed in luxurious, deep pink and golden silk, alternated with a 70s, sexy and beautiful, disco, party girl wearing flashy, hot pink leggings and golden tops. As someone who has loathed Christmas Holidays since…well, forever, and has NEVER enjoyed the stress involved in being ‘MERRY’, this Archangel actually had this ‘Anti-Holiday’ party pooper looking forward to getting ready for the holidays! I found jophiel-discomyself listening to much more music, dancing like an idiot by myself at home, and seeing beauty even in the toughest of situations that I had to deal with.  Archangel Jophiel was and has been on a mission to make us see the ‘BEAUTY’ that lies in all things, both good and bad, and judging by the sad events influencing us all over the holidays…her timing to introduce herself to us is impeccable! With days to the beginning of the New Year, she comes as a reminder to shake us out of the ‘Holiday Blues’ and see the beauty all around us!

Who is Archangel Jophiel?

jophiel3First of all, I found it very strange that Archangel Jophiel clearly presented herself in female form. This has been only the second archangel to do so, the first one being ‘Archangel Ariel’. The Archangel Jophiel (Heb. יוֹפִיאֵל, “beauty of God”, “divine beauty”), also called IophielIofielJofielYofielYoufielZophiel (Tsophielצֹפִיאֵל, “spy of God”, “watchman of God”) and Zuriel (Tsuriel צוּרִיאֵל, “my rock is God”). She is an archangel, in the highest ranks of the Cherubim, the angels closest to the Creator, and has also been linked as a companion to Archangel Metatron. She has held significant roles in the Archangel Hierarchy and together with Archangel Zedkiel, she is always behind Archangel Michael, when he is called upon for protection and to fight evil.  So, Archangel Jophiel is not one of the shy, timid angels. She is a girl with strength and sassiness that knows when higher knowledge is received (Archangel Metatron), it must be combined with inner strength (Archangel Michael) to focus on the Beauty of God’s Plan for his children. She knows that beauty lies in forgiveness and compassion (Archangel Zedkiel) in order for beauty to be able to manifest itself in all areas of our lives. Think of Archangel Jophiel as resembling a modern day, multitasking woman: she works hard, stands her ground, is faithful to the ones she loves and works for, makes every effort to add a touch of beauty in everyday life and is the first to jump on the dance floor and party hard and enjoy herself, while retaining a spiritual light both inside and out!

How to recognize Archangel Jophiel

jophielArchangel Jophiel’s signature light has a distinct gold-colored hue to it! Around her radiates a deep dark pink light which is very vibrant!  Therefore, should you find yourself suddenly attracted to fuchsia, deep pink and gold, there is a very clear indication that Archangel Jophiel is trying to contact you! As a personal experience, over the holidays, this red wine, Merlot, enthusiast, hasn’t been able to drink anything else but sweet rose! If you have been drawn towards, sweet strawberry treats, Archangel Jophiel is drawing your attention to enjoy the beauty of food as a means to nourish the beauty both inside and out! If suddenly, you find yourself attracted to Gold and sparkly sequins on your clothes when you loathe them, well…you know who is trying to get you to add more dazzle into your life! How else could I explain, that the only piece of clothing that has caught my attention in the shops lately has gold sequins on it, which under normal circumstances I utterly detest!

jophiel4In art, Jophiel is often depicted holding a light or a crown, which represents her work illuminating people’s souls with beautiful thoughts. Jophiel serves as the patron angel of artists and intellectuals because of her work bringing beautiful thoughts to people. She is also considered the patron angel of people hoping to discover more joy and laughter to lighten up their lives. Not surprisingly the words ‘joy’, ‘jovial’, ‘jolly’, ‘jubilant’ and so many more, are feelings associated to the thoughts that this Archangel evokes in people.

How and When to Work with Archangel Jophiel?

  1. When you need to see the beauty in all things, call upon Archangel Jophiel to surround you with her light and allow you to see your beauty within, enriching your spiritual experiences and divine beauty and perfection as God’s creation. She is a perfect counselor to help you see things as they truly are and to dispel depression and negative thoughts. Meditation with Jophiel can change any negative frame of mind, and get rid of the blues. She loves to do this through dance tunes and dance lessons! For this reason I have jokingly nicknamed her ‘the serotonin goddess’.jophiel2
  2. When you are not ‘feeling beautiful’, and want to focus on changes concerning your physical appearance (weight loss, cosmetic procedures, a new hairstyle or even matters concerning makeup and wardrobe), call upon Archangel Jophiel to provide you with support and assistance to accomplish these goals successfully. She is the ultimate ‘image maker’ that will lead you to the right place through divine inspiration, while offering her protection from undesirable outcomes. The best day to start any diet or exercise regime is on a Sunday, Archangel Jophiel’s Power Day!
  3. strawberry-quartzWhen you are overwhelmed with clutter in your home, call upon Archangel Jophiel to assist you in de-cluttering your home and workspaces. She loves decorating and she is a Feng Shui Master! Call upon her also to fill your space with beauty, love and light through her lovely dark pink and gold aura! Placing some strawberry quartz, dark pink tourmaline and other dark pink crystals in your workspaces will amplify the strength of her presence. Beautiful bright yellow CITRINE also resonates with Archangel Jophiel!
  4. jophiel-tableWhen you are hosting a dinner party and preparing an important event or meal, do not hesitate to call upon Archangel Jophiel to help during your planning and preparations! She is a fabulous wedding or event planner and a Divine Master Chef! She can also help when you are afraid that the crowd might be awkward, or worse. Call upon her to inspire you by adding a special touch to the event that will envelope all guests with her beauty and love. It will keep everyone on their best behavior. Adding pinches of ‘dark pink and gold’ usually does the trick! Believe me when I tell you that she is the Archangel of ‘honey and spice and all things nice!’
  5. Call upon her when you have trouble writing what you want to manifest. We have been conditioned to see things in a pessimistic way, lowering our own vibrations and self-esteem, sometimes making it difficult to see the beauty of how things really are and what we want to manifest! Archangel Jophiel also oversees the work of other Archangels who work with manifestation. Therefore, this Manifestation Department Manager, can allow you to see and clearly express what you really want to manifest for your highest good!

There is so much need for us to remember the beauty surrounding us, as the constant negativity of news or people and events around us tend to make us forget this! Do not hesitate to call upon and work with the beautiful energy of Archangel Jophiel to bring beauty into your lives and manifest all that you desire according to your highest good!

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