Making Angelic Introductions: Archangel Uriel: “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” – Jim Morrison

Few are the Archangels that have verified their presence to me in an extremely strong way.  It usually happens when I am not sure if the Archangel presenting themselves is really the one I think they are. The first glimpse of Archangel Uriel came to me as a presence with crossed arms around his chest, tapping his foot, like someone does when they are anxiously waiting. Although his name was delivered almost immediately, I waited till I learnt more about this Heavenly messenger, allowing him (he presented himself to me in a masculine form) to tell me all about himself before I started looking up further information.

As with all Archangels, he let me know himself when it was time to stop waiting and start writing. Archangel Uriel did this with an earthquake delivered at 1.11am, while in deep meditation and contact with him.  Scary yes! But in the most loving way! The Earthquake was a short, 5-Richter scale one, just enough to feel like a loved one who shakes you to wake you up! Since then, weekly small aftershocks have shaken the place where I live, as clever synchronicities to answers I was looking into about this Archangel. In fact, Archangel Uriel’s element is the Earth, and he has long been associated with thunder and earthquakes. As thunder is the sound of lightning, his gift is the flash of knowing, the thunderbolt of realization.uriel3

This time he had shown himself to me as a young version of Jim Morrison, casually lying on the steps of the Akashic Records, with a mysterious air about him. So there was me thinking that he wanted a song from the ‘Doors’ to represent him.  Wrong! As I waited to get the synchronicity of a “Door’s Song” to repeatedly pop up on the radio, none came. What I did get, was flooded contact with all forms of Art & poetry! This Archangel is a patron of inspiration, intuition and the arts and he chose Jim Morrison to show me his No.1 role in our lives. Some of Morrison’s deepest and most meaningful contributions involved his spiritual and deep poetry towards the end of his life. Archangel Uriel surely had something to do with that!  One of the diverse roles that Archangel Uriel  has had over the millennia is as the Archangel of Poetry and Music. He helps and encourages people engaged in any form of creativity. Uriel’s glyph is a flash of lightning, and he willingly provides flashes of inspiration for people who need it.

Who is the mysterious Archangel Uriel?

Uriel (אוּרִיאֵל “El/God is my light”, Auriel/Oriel (God is my light), Standard Hebrew Uriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʾÛrîʾēl) is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions.  Although he is considered as one of the top 4 Archangels, together with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, he has managed to either be quite evasive or avoid our attention. This has resulted in being either misunderstood for a fallen Angel or being left out of many religious texts.

uriel4In fact, this lack of being mentioned as much as other Archangels resonates with Uriel’s energy. Archangel Uriel is not one to reveal himself easily. Glorious blockbuster-film-type revelations are not really his cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong! He does come through when you need him and call upon him! However, he is quite  low-key.  You will feel him as ‘a strong gut feeling’ as he is the archangel that contacts you through your intuition. You will feel him as a sudden epiphany, when you need a solution to a problem or situation to a problem that may have seemed ‘unsolvable’ before his intervention. He is the archangel that will come to you in your dreams, if he has to, with valuable insight and assistance to something, when you need answers the most!

Archangel Uriel and Claircognizance

Archangel Uriel is closest to those who are mostly claircognizant.   He IS the Archangel of Claircognizance, the ability to just know something without logic or fact. If you are claircognizant, now you know who has always been working by your side! This is why Archangel Uriel is also known as ‘The Prophet”, intervening throughout religious texts, providing insight and saving people just before calamity strikes. In Christian apocryphal gospels Uriel plays a role, differing between sources, in the rescue of Jesus‘ cousin John the Baptist from the Massacre of the Innocents ordered by King Herod. He carries John and his mother Saint Elizabeth to join the Holy Family after their Flight into Egypt. In the Old Testament, he was the one who checked the doors of Egypt for lamb’s blood during the plague, and delivered the message to Noah about the impending flood. These could be some of the reasons for Archangel Uriel not being mentioned much in newer religious texts, although is his presence is deeply acknowledged.

 He will console you and flood you with inner calm when people think you are crazy and he will be the one you will remind you that you had foreseen this coming when events DO play out. Like someone who always goes: ‘See? I told you so!

Identifying and working with Archangel Uriel

As subtle as Archangel Uriel’s energy signature may be, it is VERY clear and impossible to confuse with the color signature of any other Archangel. He was adamant when he wanted to show me the difference in the shade of yellow that surrounds him. His yellow is a shade smog2of pale, dirty & dusty mustard yellow. Like the color of smog that you see when you look up into the sun on a hot summer’s day in the city.  Now imagine this smog-colored yellow sun at sunset, before it gets lost under the horizon, when under the yellow, beautiful red rays of light radiate outward into the dusk sky.  Something that made me wonder in the beginning whether it was Angelic at all, revealed itself as a stunning summer sunset as seen from a bustling city.  Archangel Uriel’s signature ray of light is RED, one of service to mankind that he has advocated in favor of, since the beginning of time! As the leader of the red angelic light ray, Uriel encourages people to express that compassion through service to God and others.

It was later, when I read more about him, that I found out that the crystal that most resonates with him the most is AMBER. I looked up and gave him another smirk! ‘Nice one!’ I said, as the iridescent color of amber evokes the same feeling you get when you amberlook at the dimming light of a summer sunset! Therefore, it came as no surprise to me to find out that the cardinal point of the Earth he governs is the North.  This planet’s largest deposits of Amber are found in theses regions. In these regions are also located the planet’s largest volcanoes that have brought about the most destructive earthquakes!

The energy in Amber can help people by encouraging them, helping them think more clearly, and giving them confidence. Both Amber the Red Angelic Light Ray are associated with the Solar Plexus. the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the solar plexus chakra may help them physically (such as by helping to treat conditions of the stomach, liver, kidneys, and colon), mentally (such as by helping people make decisions and become more confident), and spiritually (such as by helping people discover how to use their God-given talents to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives and make the world a better place).

uriel1In most depictions of Archangel Uriel you will see him as an archangel with golden amber and red wings and surrounding Aura.  Uriel’s sign is a hand filled with flame extended towards mankind as a gift and an example of God’s burning love for mankind. Uriel in his raised right hand holds a naked sword at the level of his chest, and in his lowered left hand “a fiery flame”. In some depictions of this Archangel he will be holding a book instead of a sword. The feast of Archangel Uriel is celebrated on July 28th marked by the Coptic Church of Egypt and Eastern Orthodox Church of Ethiopia.

When to call upon Archangel Uriel

The role of Archangel Uriel is extremely diverse.  From Hailing the trumpet to start the Apocalypse at the “End of Days”, to guarding the Tree of Life in Eden, or watching over Hell, Archangel Uriel has been extremely busy over the millennia! Although Most Archangels have been assigned specific responsibilities and duties, as Archangel Uriel is one of ‘the Ancients’ and has been around since the beginning of time, he can be called upon for a great number of reasons.  However be warned!  When you DO call upon him, he will answer!  And to do so, this heavenly teacher, will start from the beginning and not necessarily from the point where you called upon him. This means that he will start his teaching from the beginning of the matter that is now manifesting itself. Archangel Uriel’s ‘teaching methods’ are primarily focused on bringing you back to your divine self, and he will do so by showing the root cause of the problem that may be adversely affecting you at present. You will have this divine messenger by your side as a faithful tutor till you reach the enlightened state and your worries or problems will be solved.

image_of_uriel_the_archangel_cairoMost people are not ready for this work to take place.  You might feel that you are ‘backtracking’ in your spiritual development. Nonetheless, if Archangel Uriel showed me one thing over this past month it is that “in order for the ‘light of God’ to shine upon you and in your lives, you must go through some dark corridors.” Fear not, because you are not alone when doing this! Archangel Uriel will be your trusted beacon of light, shining the way to the light in the matter! You can easily identify him working with you as this time, while in your darkest hours, as this time round you will overcome all obstacles much faster and much more effectively than you did in the past, when you had to deal with the same matters. ‘Patience makes perfect’ is his motto, and should you find yourself wanting to ‘get over this quickly’, he might be keeping you in this place for a reason. When you get it, then, almost immediately, you will see the issue magically disappear.

‘God’s most ancient teacher of teachers’ can be called upon by all teachers and students. Teachers may call upon him to offer guidance and inspiration, so that THEY receive inspiration while teaching and that their students effectively assimilate what they are learning! Now that I have been working with this Archangel closely for over a month, I snicker when I remember WHERE he chose to reveal himself to me. On the steps of the Akashic Records! He is, afterall, the one who accompanied the Prophet Enoch to heaven, who then became the Archangel Metatron and the Master of the Akashic Records.

angel_uriel2Students of all levels and sectors may call upon him when studying, when writing or when taking a test. Rest assured that he has a ‘soft spot’ for all learners and he will be the one right by your side while taking an exam. He will whisper correct and appro­priate answers into your ear, which you’ll receive as words or thoughts that are suddenly “downloaded” into your mind. He will keep you calm and focused during the exam, without any stress, and help you complete it during the allocated exam time.  In fact, he works in tandem with the arch­angel Zadkiel to help students excel on tests and in school.

Managers and Team Leaders may call upon him for guidance and inspiration when they have a presentation to make, or a difficult meeting. This Divine ‘brainstorming aficionado’ is your perfect ally in these circumstances and loves to promote teamwork and team spirit, when the work & outcome involved, is for the highest good.

When in danger of the effects of natural disasters, call upon Archangel Uriel for protection.  He is responsible for protecting people from floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Some people believe that Uriel appears in storms and rainbows. Because of this close association with the Earth, Uriel acts as a channel between the Earth and the divine, bringing God’s plan into the material world.

After you ask Uriel for help, notice your thoughts. You can trust what you get as the right answer, directly from the archangel.

I cannot think of a better way to finish Archangel Uriel’s Angelic Introduction other than the following part of this famous Jewish Prayer called the “Kriat Shma”. Although not Jewish myself, this beautiful prayer conveys my gratitude for Uriel’s constant presence, guidance & protection, alongside his siblings of the Angelic Realm.

“To my right Michael and to my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head the Shekhinah [God’s presence through his Holy Spirit].”

NOTE: Just as I finished this article, Archangel Uriel decided to show me that I had forgotten to mention that the number that resonates with him the most is the Number 2! How? By showing me that the number of words of this article, without this note, is 2222! LMAO! Blessed be thy Uri-EL!

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*Thanks and credit are given to the following sites for information about Archangel Uriel


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