Psychic Attack Defense Strategies 101 – Keeping out the dark.

There has been way too much ugliness going round! Too many global events (natural, political, inhumane etc…), too many ugly words said, people turning on people, animals turning on animals, nature turning on nature….and some people getting more than fair share of misfortune, despite living in kindness and focusing on their spiritual growth. Especially light workers! It seems that these people have been hit hard the most and the attacks are coming in from all directions!

Being human, no matter how much your heart is pure, and no matter how meticulously you maintain your spiritual hygiene, sometimes you, too, end up looking at the sky and saying: “Seriously? What I have done to deserve this?”

Although we may all know that we are here in order for ‘lessons to be learned’, before you turn to the heavens and go on a ‘Why me?’ rampage, think whether you might be under a psychic attack.

Are you under  psychic Attack?

Here are the most common types of psychic attacks and what might have brought them on:

  • Gossip : Have I been overly gossipy or judgmental lately?

Like attracts like on all levels. Even if we are expressing opinions on matters of current affairs, or something we have heard on the grape vine, be assured that ‘innocent’ gossip is considered to be one of the most dangerous attacks that is always karma-causing for the perpetrator. Many beliefs consider gossip as something evil, with ill intent towards whom it may be directed, naming it as a form of ‘black magic’. Many may disbelieve the simple power of the tongue, but lying words, bullying and judgment of any kind will lead to a backlash, faster than you can say ‘ in a jiffy”. Too many friendships, personal relationships, professional and family ties have been broken beyond repair, as a result of ‘gossip’, and ‘he said, she said’ tactics.  Some things you may experience because of gossip are the following:

  • Other people suddenly acting weirdly or not wishing to speak to us
  • People suddenly turn against us as though poisoned
  • Dirty looks, or
  • Downright anger is coming our way

psychic-attack-angerThe result of it all, may have left some feeling relieved, but drained to excess with negative physical manifestations being experienced, nonetheless.

In any case, the known rule applies: “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all’…for your own sake, rather than anyone else’s.

  • Have I been ‘a bit too open’ with others?

Unfortunately, most psychic attacks are performed from our fellow humans who may wish us harm, be envious of us or who may simply derive great pleasure from being cruel and seeing others suffer. Such attacks become even more vicious, when these people see you prospering and really cannot deal with your progress and happiness, when they do not have any in their own lives. Of course, it easier for them to lash out in a psychic attack, rather than admire you, take note on how you achieved these beneficial results, and have you as their role model. Their ego is in no way mature enough for such actions and achieving prosperity requires work that they are not willing to do.

Some might take it a step further and resort to spells, rituals and dark magic. The first thing you might experience is an energy attack. In other words, you are suddenly drained, feeling great discomfort or manifest a severe headache, dizziness, vomiting or inability to focus. Such is the case if you have been attacked by the ‘evil eye’.

During the influence of the evil eye you might feel some of the following:

  • Any addictive behavior (smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol) can get worse.
  • Getting involved in unusual fights with others.
  • Feel a sense of impatience, you are on edge constantly.
  • You feel out of sorts.
  • Unexpected fits of anger may overcome you for now apparent reason.
  •  You experience bouts of depression for no known reason, nothing has changed to cause it.
  • You experience constant mood swings, moody, not yourself.
  • Thoughts of doing bad things you would never usually entertain overcome you.
  •  You feel a constant, daily fatigue for no reason
  • Your sense of self-confidence can disappear, feeling less than yourself
  • Apparent and consecutive bad luck episodes take place in your life, slip ups, bad memory
  • Health problems that you know ill-wishers may be experiencing may manifest on you.

Some people may even resort to dark magick and rituals in order to cause an accident, or to take out what I call a ‘mafia hit’ on a family member, your home or even a pet, in order to cause you immeasurable pain. However, it is important to realize that such a thing cannot realize itself, unless already in your Soul Contract to do so. Usually, we will experience sudden small incidents that will alert us to what might be happening. In this way, should we feel the need to do so, we can follow any of the protective practices that will be mentioned below, to balance out the negative energies. Something that we must remember is that any ‘dark magick, spells or rituals’ will boomerang themselves and return to the sender. A spell can only hurt us if we believe that it can, if we allow its power to gather momentum and subsequently allow it to manifest through the law of attraction. In this case, the best thing to do is to place no faith in the power of such magick, but to place all your belief in the protection method that you have put into action. In this way, such spells lose their power and their strength.

  • Have I been dabbling in the spirit realm without meticulously practicing spiritual hygiene and learning how to protect myself?

Many start to work with the spirit realm without thoroughly doing their research.  It all starts innocently, maybe as a party game when young, but if you open the door to the spirit world without mastering spiritual hygiene and self-protection methods, you may open the door to other entities in the spirit realm and experience any of the following:

  • You can’t sleep and have very strange, disturbing dreams
  • You have thoughts of doing bad things you would never usually entertain
  • You experience paranoia, like something is influencing you
  • You start hearing voices, being told what to do, being pressured relentlessly
  • You feel energy drained from body during sleep
  • You feel a constant, daily fatigue for no reason
  • You experience cold, icy feelings in your limbs or body that persists
  • You have a feeling of being watched but there is no one in the room
  • You wake in the night paralyzed
  • You suddenly feel frozen and feel like being physically attacked with energy in body or neck
  • If clairvoyant, you may see hostile entities at night that resemble demons

psychic-attack-sleepIt is equally important to master closing and self-clearing of your own energy fields after contacting spirit. As my mediumship teacher and mentor says again & again: “You don’t leave the door of your home unlocked at night do you? If you do, then anyone can enter! In the same way, you must close your aura, cleanse your energy field and ground to the Earth after communicating with spirit!”

How can I be sure if I am under psychic attack or not?

First of all, if you feel like you are under psychic attack, you probably are. Your intuition, 6th sense, higher-self, call it whatever you like, is the soul instinct we are born with and gifted upon us from the Divine as our ultimate guide as long as we live on this Earth.

If any of the symptoms previously mentioned persist, without their being any medical explanation to account for them, then most likely the idea has probably already popped into your head. But just in case, you may still have any doubts, here is a personal and tried method that you may try to verify whether what you are experiencing a psychic attack or not:

  • Choose a healthy BAY LAUREL plant, Rosemary or Basil Plant.
  • Call upon your protector guides or Archangel Michael in meditation or prayer.
  • Ask them to show you whether the reason why you are going through these symptoms is due to psychic attack or not.
  • What usually happens, as in my case, is that the plant will cease to absorb water (I mean literally, the water will float on top of the soil), shrivel up slowly and die.

If despite constant love and care for the plant, you see it getting sick, start using your favored protection method against psychic attack and practice any spiritual protection method or prayer meticulously till you are relieved of any negative symptoms. It is a message from the divine that you are under psychic attack. As you practise your protection method, you will see the plant absorbing all negativity that has been bestowed upon you. You in turn, will be getting stronger. Again in my case, as rapid healing started taking place, the plant started to suffer. My health and vitality were restored, but my 6-year-old Bay Laurel tree is no longer with us.

 When the plant has shriveled and died out, throw out or burn both the soil and the plant, and give thanks to your guides and/or Archangel Michael for guiding you and offering you their protection.

Ways to protect ourselves from psychic attacks.

  • Cleanse and strengthen your aura.

auraWorking with your aura, cleansing it often via smudging, crystal elixirs, aura sprays and by using essential oil blends, learning how to open and close it properly, as well as keeping it close to you, keeps it healthy and strong, not allowing for the penetration of negative energies through it. Maintaining a balanced diet, abstaining from consumption of drugs, large amounts of alcohol and smoking, also contributes to keeping it solid and strong. Drinking a lot of water, also keeps the energy flowing through our aura and our chakras smoothly, as weak energy flows make our auras weak. A healthy aura is a strong aura and therefore forms a natural form of strong protection around you.

  • Contacting and working with your Protector Guide.

Contacting and getting to know our Protector Guide is vital if we feel that we are susceptible to psychic attacks. Our protector guides were assigned to us from birth and remain with us throughout our whole lives. As celestial beings, however, they are subject the creator’s cardinal rule and that is ‘Free Will’. This means that although they look out for us and protect us from any major harm, they cannot intervene, unless we call upon them for their assistance and guidance.  Our Protector Guide is usually the first guide we can easily contact through meditation and learn to identify their ‘calling card’, in other words, a specific feeling of physical symptom that helps us understand it is them. As you continue to work with your protector guide, you will quickly be able to identify their calling card, as a means to quickly understand that you may be under psychic attack or any other kind of imminent danger.

  • Calling upon Archangel Michael

michael-orthodoxArchangel Michael transcends all belief systems and is the Creator’s Master General. Call upon him any time and asking for his protection, to shield you in a protective bubble of white light & use his sword to cut cords with any negative energy that may be affecting you. If you would like to read more about Archangel Michael as well as learn a technique that may allow you to identify his calling card, please refer to the following article:

  • Crystals and Mirrored Jewelry

Carrying programmed crystals for protection, like Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Hematite and Smokey quartz, or wearing mirrored jewelry, allows for negative energies to be deflected and kept away from you. There is so much material online on this matter that will allow you to choose the best crystals and mirrored jewelry that resonate with you.

Needless to say, there is a multitude of ways that can be used for protection against psychic attacks. I must not fail to mention, however, that if nothing of the above helps, then it is time for you to consider consulting a licensed professional and consider doing a ritual house cleansing or candle work, especially if malicious spiritual entities persist in your surroundings.

Stay safe, protected and divine light and love everyone!

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