Making Archangelic Introductions: Archangel Michael: (“We will, we will ROCK you!”)

NOTE: To fully enjoy Archangel Michael’s Introduction, get the song of each part playing while you read through his message to you!

It’s been over a month since my last post due to sudden health concerns that demanded my urgent attention. And just like urgent matters tend to be , so is Archangel Michael, who made sure that he came through demanding that it be his turn in the Archangelic Introduction Series.   Although this series so far, seems to play out as a Divine Karaoke Contest that plays out usually between two or three archangels throughout the week, and the ‘winner’ is the one whose song keeps popping up randomly on the radio, “He who is like God” would have none of it! With HIM, it was a series of consecutive events, synchronicities that would make even the most skeptical become the strongest believers, divine signs, people unknown relaying answers to your thoughts exactly when you sought divine guidance …and a whole playlist materializing each time HE understood that I got the message as validation! When Archangel Michael requests an audience, he will rock your world till you listen. Any significant changes that have changed the course of your life mean Archangel Michael is requesting your attention!

One other thing that was evident and made clear by the ‘Master General of the Heavens’ was that his introduction was NOT to be in the same form like all others!  Since his presence is the one felt by all, irregardless of spiritual beliefs, on an immediate and more personal level, HE made it clear that only by writing about HIM with a more personal approach, will readers be able to truly understand his strength, greatness and how much he actually does help us and influence during our time here on this Earthly Plane.  So bear with me! I have no idea how ‘The TAXIARCH ‘ of the Archangelic Realm will develop this post, as I have left it entirely ‘unto HIM, who is like the Divine’ to ‘DO IT HIS WAY’ as he requested from Frank Sinatra’s morning serenade, playing out of nowhere,  while listening to a rock radio station!


‘I have been here with you all since the beginning of time. In fact, together with my brothers Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, we are considered the guardians of the four quarters of the Earth and even existed in Mesopotamian Times as deities.  Of course, many more ancient civilizations also acknowledged my presence and showed me great respect. The Ancient Egyptians knew me as ‘Ra’, the sun God. Other names I have had were ‘the God Apollo” by the Ancient Greeks and ‘the God SOL by the Romans”. So well-known and prominent was my love for you, that all following Faiths have acknowledged my existence and have given me various names. The current name that most of you know me by at present is  derived from Hebrew  as Micha’el or Mîkhā’ēl; Greek: Μιχαήλ, Mikhaḗl; Latin: Michael (in the Vulgate Michahel); Arabic: ميخائيل‎‎, Mīkhā’īl. Over the time since these religions were established, the religious orders have tried to prohibit you from appealing directly to me, but in light of my love, assistance and protection over the ages, they failed to do so. In fact, till this very day, they have only achieved the opposite! As a result, they have come to acknowledge me as a messenger from the Creator and have given me the title of ‘Archangel’. I now officially occupy important parts of Jewish, Christian, Orthodox and Muslim teachings, liturgies and spiritual practices. The titles I don’t really care about, but the acknowledgement I humbly accept, as a means for you to know that I have always been, I am and will be by your sides. I will humbly act as your champions and fight for you to stay in the essence of your true selves, which is none other than that of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!’


Nessun Dorma (This means: ‘No one sleeps!’)- Worth using Google translate to look up the lyrics to this classic masterpiece!

“Should you call me, I will answer!”  I will make my presence known to you by any means necessary and rest assured your pleas are heard. I am the ‘Taxiarch’ of the Angelic Realm, in other words, my main role is to uphold the Angelic and Cosmic Order. As such, my presence will be the first you immediately sense as I call in my siblings, each in accordance with their divine roles, to further assist you to continue to remain in the light as you too are one of God’s children and the Divine Father and creator of ALL, will always answer your call.

I AM OMNIPRESENT! In no way feel that you have asked for my assistance too many times and feel that you shouldn’t call upon me! It gives me great divine joy to serve the Creator and I feel nothing but Divine Unconditional Love and Gratitude that I may be there for you! YES! I, too, also feel humbly grateful that when you open your hearts and with pure love in them and you call upon me! You do NOT need to beg, employ elaborate language or prayer to call upon me! I am God’s soldier and champion! I really DO NOT LIKE sweet talk! Not that I will not hear and answer your plea, of course. But the best way to call upon me is by using:  Simple Present Verb Tenses, as I do not acknowledge the concept of time and space. I am omnipresent remember? You can also directly appeal to me using ‘Imperative’. I am a military General in God’s Holy Angelic Order, so I work well and easily with orders! (I give quite a few myself!) Oh! But I must ask you NOT TO USE NEGATIVE WORDS when you call upon me! This is something that only takes place on this dense 3D plane and derives from negative vibrations, mostly that of fear! I DO NOT KNOW THE CONCEPT OF FEAR and, therefore, do not acknowledge negative words! So if for example, you call upon me and say: ‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is not harmed’, I will understand this: ‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is harmed!”. The best way to express this would be: “‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is safe!”. This may need some training in the beginning, because unfortunately expressing your thoughts using negative words comes to you much easier than just saying the same thing using ONLY positive wording!

Call upon me when you need immediate protection. I will be by your side even before you finish your plea as I can instantaneously feel and sense when you are in danger. With this one, one night she was returning home from work, when she sensed someone behind her so close that she felt that whoever they were, they were making her feel scared. The only thing she had time to say was ‘Michael! Protection! NOW!’, while she turned to see a female figure in the form of a young girl behind her. When she got to a well-lit area with clear visibility, she turned to see where the ‘young girl’ had gone. She was nowhere in sight! As she was not of physical form! You see I have no problem with showing you that I will protect you from anything that is not of the light! I love it when you become skeptical and even when, just for a moment, you may doubt me being there. I am much stronger than negativity that may cause such emotions and feel blessed when you see for yourselves that the light has no shadow! The love I feel radiating from you after such an experience makes me all the more grateful to serve both the Creator and you!

You may call upon me also for the highest good of others. I will hear your plea and serve only the highest good and the purest of intentions. But please bear in mind, that as a servant of the Lord, I honor the gift of free will that he has bestowed upon you. So, it is neither yours nor anyone else’s fault, for that matter, if the free will of others leads to an outcome that you may not desire.

I am also good with helping you fix any electronic equipment malfunction. As electricity and electronic circuits in such devices, appliances and gadgets are a physical manifestation of energy; this stuff is right up my alley! Electricity and my ray of light is white or blue in color and my prism of light includes all others available. So don’t hesitate to call upon me when you are in desperate need of technical assistance. I will definitely put in my best effort to fix the problem or to show you immediately what needs to be done to do so!


Many times you pray, pray, pray and constantly call upon me and I am already there by your sides 24/7! But you are too busy calling upon me that you are not listening! Please take a moment to sit in silence and you will be able to hear, see or feel my reply. There are many ways that I will choose to do this and they will be immediate! They will be a personalized and you WILL KNOW that it’s from me, beyond a shadow of a doubt! All you need to do is take notice of a few things.

Are you calling upon me for protection and to shield you with my protective white light? You will feel me as a bright white light. If you close your eyes and slow down your breathing, my presence will feel like someone is flashing a flashlight on your closed eyelids and you can feel the light and warmth on them. Then you will sense a warm tingling feeling on the top of your head, which is the area of your crown, showing you that I am encircling you with my protective white light. You may also feel me grounding your feet as you get a tingling feeling on the souls of your feet, feeling like roots are coming out of them, grounding you to the Earth.

Are you calling upon me and you feel frustrated that you are not being heard? Check the time! If it’s a repetitive number sequence, it’s an immediate answer to what is troubling you! Check out the significance of this repetitive number and rest assured that all is well in accordance with your highest good!

If you are seeking guidance on a particular matter and you get a light buzz in one of your ears immediately, rest assured that I am right there with you! If you would like to feel a personalized physical manifestation of my presence and know that when you feel this, it validates my presence, try this:

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position with your legs uncrossed.
  2. Call upon me to show you a manifestation of my presence in your physical body.
  3. Take one deep breath and raise it till the top of your torso and keep it till you count to 5.
  4. Then breathe out with once deep breath till you empty and feel the breath coming out of your root and hold it there.
  5. Take notice of a sensation in a part of your body. This is my personalized physical manifestation of my presence to you! (For example, for this one, it is a pang in her left shoulder blade, so now each time she feels it, she knows that it’s me who is close to her!)
  6. Practise this exercise for a week to verify the physical manifestation of my presence!

Oh! And if need be, I will send you someone to tell you exactly I need you to know, if nothing else works! You will receive my message, so do not despair! I know you can hear me so I will make sure that I find a way to make you listen!


I am not only there when you need protection! I am also there when you have been wronged. I hear your pain and nothings pains me more than the tears of those who have been unjustly wronged and have been hurt unfairly. In many cultures I am known as the ‘Angel of Vengeance’. This is not entirely true. Nonetheless, I will restore justice. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s my job to serve the Divine Creator and to be in service for your highest good. Karma has been a term that has been greatly misunderstood. It is not a concept of revenge. It is a concept of keeping the natural order of things and Divine Balance.  And the natural order of things is pure unconditional love, compassion for one another and to remember your Divine Purpose.  All actions do have consequences but they all lead to you remembering your Divine Essence. There is always a reason why unfavorable things happen in your lives. It is so that you may learn from the experience and grow.  The lesson will be repeated till you do. Till you learn and grow. Till you remember who you truly are! For this one, in order for her to get this message, I sent her a taxi driver to tell her: ‘Why do you beg God for help in difficult times. God is your father. And fathers always love and demand the best for their children! So don’t ask! Demand from him with a pure heart, like you would do from her Earthly father!” So, in times of adversity do not ever believe that I have forsaken you. Look above the storm and see the silver lining! It is always there and so am I to help you see how much the Creator loves you and is always looking out for your highest good! Hey! I kicked Satan’s butt and have continued to do so ever since…so do not worry! And since astrology has linked me to the Astrological sign of Leo, believe me when I tell you that when you have suffered injustice, I WILL ROAR!


Never forget how much I love you! I always have, ever since the creator formed your soul! Because even when you don’t, I know who you really are! Rest assured that I can see your true colors and they are beautiful like a rainbow! We share the same color of pure light. The creator has made YOU in his own image and ME ‘He who is like God’!  Therefore, your rainbow is my white light and we are all ONE!




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