The Complete Chakra Workout: 1st Chakra (PART B): The Root (Base Chakra) – Muladhara (Essential Oils, Herbs & Spices, + PLUS : Complete 7- day Diet Program)

In the Part A of this series, regarding the Root Chakra, 6 different ways that may assist balancing and healing of the Root Chakra were mentioned, explained and enriched with examples. If you would like to read about these ways and the importance of maintaining a balanced Root Chakra, please refer to the following link:

essential-oild-rootIn this part of the series, the bounty of the Earth already available to us is going to be listed, so as to complete the Root Chakra Workout. By incorporating these ideas in your daily lives, you will be able to balance out your root chakra quickly and effectively, not allowing Root Chakra imbalances to manifest themselves in the form of physical and other problems, which only make our daily lives in this physical 3D plane even more difficult.

Essential Oils, Herbs and Spices

How to Use them to balance and promote healing of the Root Chakra.

  • Place a few drops of essential oil in water and allow the aroma of the essential oil to diffuse into the air.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil into carrier oil and use this oil to massage the hips, legs and feet.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil into a water bottle filled with water and spray the aura around your root chakra, on even on top of your clothes around the area of the root chakra.
  • Incorporate herbs and Spices into your diet.

Here are just some of the ways with which essential oils can facilitate more effective healing of the Root Chakra:

Essential Oil



Sandalwood is calming and works well when the symptoms involve, depression and anxiety. It works gently on the nervous system and harmonizes the emotional body. Facilitates grounding when the root chakra is over or underactive.


Myrrh is uplifting and removes the sense of fear. It promotes spiritual awareness and allows for feelings of safety to arise, as it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Also works well to deal with depression, anxiety and a sense of insecurity. It brings us closer to our true nature, facilitates grounding and allows for the transcendence of the material aspect of the root chakra.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang facilitates balancing of the Root Chakra that is overactive. Helps deal with matters of agitation & fear. It is also a relaxing essential oil and acts as a mild sedative in cases of anxiety.


 Clove Essential oil creates a  sense of protection and safety. It allows for one to feel secure and promotes sleep. It also facilitates blood circulation dissolves blood clots and removes stagnation from the blood.

Black Pepper

The ultimate oil for balancing the Root Chakra. It is an essential oil to use when a person feels stuck as it unlocks and gets energy moving.

Cedar wood

Cedarwood has a woody aroma and is used to calm feelings of anger. It eases nervous tension, anxiety and panic attacks, especially if you are feeling unable to stay in one place for long. It helps keep you grounded, while allowing for communication with your higher self.


Juniper aids blood circulation and purification. It increases circulation through the kidneys and allows for the release of toxins accumulated in the body. On an emotional level, it helps one break free from psychological stagnation, allows them to move forward and releases contracted energy through grounding.


Vetiver facilitates communication of the Root Chakra with the other chakras of the body. It facilitates grounding, releasing pent up energy and allows for relaxation and a calming effect. Especially useful if the unbalanced root chakra is attributed to shock or trauma. It allows for a restful sleep.


Cinnamon aids the functioning of the adrenal glands, It raises the metabolism, allowing for increased blood circulation and elimination of both toxins and pent up energy stored in the Root Chakra. It facilitates grounding and acts as a tranquilizer to deal with issues of depression, anxiety , fear and insecurity.


Ginger facilitates blood circulation in the hands and feet and allows for the elimination of toxins through the kidneys

Carrot Seed Carrot Seed facilitates balancing of the root chakra & cleanses the blood by increasing blood circulation. It also serves a general toxin for the nervous system.
Onion, & Garlic  Increases Blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and the circulatory system.
Angelica Root

Angelica Root Oil may help fight infections, stimulate the immune system and help motivate the elimination of toxins. Angelica Root Essential Oil also has a history of aromatherapy use towards combating stress, anxiety and exhaustion.


The fragrance of Patchouli Essential Oil is rich, earthy and grounding. In skin and hair care, Patchouli Oil is a wonderful staple to keep on hand. It is helpful for most all skin types ranging from dry, cracked skin all the way to helping to regulate oily skin and acne. Those with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff have said that patchouli is especially helpful for them. Emotionally, Patchouli Essential Oil is calming and grounding. Spiritually, it has been used alone or in blends during prayer and meditation.

Diet Regime

Traditionally the Root Chakra is associated with Red fruits and vegetables as well as all root vegetables, herbs and spices. The aim is to promote grounding, releasing any tension, anxiety fear and excess energy accumulated in the Root Chakra. The added bonus of incorporating these foods into your diet is that you will build your immune system. Increase your metabolism and eliminate toxins from your body. It is advisable to combine them with healthy vegetable oils, such as olive oil and a high- valued protein source for maximum nutrient absorption!

red-fruits-and-veggies-titleHere is a general food list that balances, heals and strengthens the Root Chakra:

  • Red Fruits: Strawberries, Cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, red apples, cherries, tomatoes, red grapes. Pomegranates etc.
  • Red Vegetables: Red Beetroot, Red Bell Peppers, Red Chilli Peppers, Rutabaga , Sweet Paprika
  • Root vegetables: Carrots, Parsnips, Leeks, Beans, Peas, Radishes, mushrooms etc.
  • Carbs: Red russet potatoes, Sweet potato, Rice, mullet and other grains, cassava, wheat

7-day Diet Plan for the Root Chakra

Here are just some ideas, with recipes, to promote constant balancing and healing of the Root Chakra

Day 1:







Oatmeal with red fruits and rice milk

Ginger Tea with honey and lemon


Italian Tomato Salad (Pazanella)

Snack: Red Fruit Sorbet

 (Just blend frozen chopped red fruit with a tablespoon of water and voila! Ready on the spot!)


Pasta Al’Olio

 Cocktail / Night Cap: Virgin Bloody Mary


Day 2







Red Fruit Smoothie with cinnamon , yoghurt and honey

(Blend everything in a blender with ice-cubes and you are ready to go!)


French Onion Soup with crusty Wholegrain Bread

Snack / Dessert: Red Apple Crumble with Strawberry Yogurt






Carrot, Apple, Celery crudities (sticks) with red beetroot & garlic Dip and garlic bread!

( Shred 2 raw beets on a cheese grater, and mix with Greek yogurt, I clove crushed garlic, a pinch of red wine vinegar, salt and pepper) – NOTE: wear gloves and apron as beets dye hands and clothes badly!

Sweet Paprika Chicken with Rice

Day 3


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Vanilla yogurt

(Just add cinnamon, clove and nutmeg powder to your pancake mix and enjoy!



Red Fruit juice!


 Sweet Chilli Stir fry with Rice Noodles

(Stir fry shredded carrots, Red Bell Peppers & other root vegetables, Onion, Garlic, and some shredded cooked chicken in some sesame oil. Add sweet chilli sauce and stir in the cooked noodles at the end)


Carrot Soup with coconut & ginger + crusty whole wheat bread


Day 4


Cinnamon French Toast drizzled with honey


Red Fruit Juice




Roasted Root Vegetable Sandwich with Cheese on Crusty Whole wheat bread



Mushroom Risotto & Garlic Bread

Day 5


Carrot spoon sweet over Greek Yogurt


Apple and Cinnamon Tea


Roasted Vegetable pasta Salad with Balsamic Vinegar and basil

 (Mix chopped roasted vegetables from the list above, with cooked penne pasta and balsamic vinegar and basil)


 Pepper Steak with Baked potato & celeriac mash, and boiled peas and carrots.

 Day 6


 Grilled Cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread, Ham, Roasted Red Bell Pepper


(Just add some roasted red bell pepper and a slice of ham to your classic Grilled Cheese sandwich)

Red Fruit Juice


 Vegetarian Pizza Slice with shredded carrot salad


(top your pizza with roasted root vegetables, fresh tomatoes , cheese and basil),,20681147,00.html

(For the shredded carrot salad, just grate carrot and mix with parsley, ginger, honey, lemon juice and olive oil)


Vegetable Lasagna  ( You may also add beef mincemeat) & Garlic Bread



Day 7



Greek Rice Pudding (Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator)

 Red Fruit Tea


Stuffed Mushroom Burger with  Greek Beetroot Salad and French Fries


 Roasted Fish with sizzled ginger, chilli & Spring Onions


 The possibilities are endless!!!!

Show yourself some love this week and feel healthy, balanced, calm and full of vigor by healing and balancing your Root Chakra! Since we are what we eat, we deserve only the best!

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*Credit and thanks are given to the following sources for providing the information included in this article:





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