The Complete Chakra Workout Series: The Complete Guide to Healing and Balancing our Energy Centers (Tutorial No.1: Chakras Explained & Misconceptions Clarified + Exercise Meditation)

A general overview

Our physical bodies are intricate manifestations of energy at its finest.  Apart from this, this energy constantly interacts with the energy of all living beings around us and our very survival depends on it. Our body rhythms and moods are influenced by it. The energy centers in our body are commonly known by their Sanskrit name, ‘Chakras’, meaning ‘wheels’. Each energy wheel (Chakra) in the human body is precisely located so as to facilitate the free flow of energy to all the parts of the body. As it is an ‘energy center’, it has no physical form and consists of pure energy itself. As energy flows through them we become more aligned with the oneness of all that is. This energy that flows through us is also commonly believed to be ‘the essence of our soul’ in many cultures. For this reason, our chakras are, in essence, centers of consciousness that make up the human soul.chakra-full-body

When we are happy and healthy, this energy flows through us freely, we have higher resistance to disease and illness and we can effectively dealing with life’s challenges. However, when the flow of this energy is weakened or inhibited, the Universal Energy Life Force that flows through us is low, and the opposite occurs.

 Visualizing the Seven (7) Chakras in our Physical Bodies.

chakra-colorsThe human body is comprised on 7 basic chakras. There are of course many more levels of consciousness that can be activated when these 7 basic chakras in our body have been healed and balanced. These 7 basic chakras can be seen to be colored, circular energy spheres or discs. However, the reality is that our chakras are actually vortices of energy, with the central five chakras being horizontal, while the base and crown chakras have their pointed part of the vortex at the spine and the open part of the vortex at the front of the body.

Each chakra vortex spins round and the spin is opposite for adjacent chakras and is contrary in men and women. Facing a woman, her heart chakra would appear to spin clockwise and her solar plexus chakra would spin anticlockwise and vice versa for a man. Chakra sizes vary enormously between people but in adults can often be 7cm-10cm (3″-4″) in diameter.

How Chakras Spin in Men and Women

The 7 Main Chakras in Our Physical Bodies How They Spin in Men How they Spin in Women
Root Chakra (1st Chakra)



Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra)



Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra)



Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)



Throat Chakra (5th Chakra)



3rd Eye Chakra (6th Chakra)



Crown Chakra (7th Chakra)



Misconceptions about the 7 Chakras

Among the many common misconceptions about Chakras and is the idea that any given chakra can be open or closed. Nonetheless, if this were the case, then the conscious flow of Universal Energy simply would not occur and, therefore, we would not be living! In fact, Chakras are always working, although they can become more or less more active, alert, receptive or expressive, depending on circumstances or requirements. This is what is commonly known as a ‘chakra blockage’.  When Chakras have a ‘blockage’ it basically means that they either under-function or over-function, spinning at a different frequency than they should. This is normally due to some kind inner fear in that aspect of consciousness, which is associated with that specific Chakra. This is the reason why chakras may require balancing and healing in order to reach their Divine Energetic Frequency.

Below is a beautifully prepared Chakra chart that shows what each Chakra is responsible for and what physical manifestations might occur in our bodies if they are not balanced:


Understanding How the 7 Chakras really Work

Our chakras behave in ways that can be a little difficult to imagine, to start with. Each of our chakras is conscious, aware and engages with different aspects of life and our being. Chakras are conscious and intelligent but not in a way that is always obvious.  For instance, a sacral chakra feels basic and deep emotions but will not have the slightest idea about love of the heart or the logic of the solar plexus. The sacral chakra is passionate and feeling but can no more be conscious of logic than the heart chakra can understand the root chakra need for physical survival. Energetic information flows up and down the chakras as they talk to each other and interpret the information and learning from adjacent chakras. They each have different roles to play and they constantly sense and communicate with energies on their planes of consciousness.

From all the information mentioned above, it is evident that keeping our Chakras balanced and healing them regularly is just as important to us  as cleansing and taking care of our physical bodies, as they are one in the same and one cannot function properly without the other. I will, therefore, close this article with a link to an extremely effective meditation exercise that will assist you to identifying them in your physical body and get you on the right track to balancing them. As this series continues on a weekly basis, each chakra will be focused on specifically, to ensure maximum healing to ensure the maximum benefits for both our physical and spiritual existence.

Exercise :     Understanding and Balancing the Chakras.

  1. Check each part of your physical body where your chakras are located and journal (note down) any physical discomfort or feelings that you may be experiencing.
  2. Do the following guided meditation for discovering, healing and balancing your chakras at: .
  3. After completing the meditation journal your experience throughout the mediation as well as any changes you may now experience in your physical body following the completion of the meditation.


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