Spirit Signs 101: A Communication Guide for Those Left behind (PART 2). “When do our loved ones in Spirit actually send us a sign and what message do they have for us?” (Practical Examples and Clarification)

Yesterday’s article introduced the first series of signs that our passed loved ones use to communicate with us here on this Earthly plane. If you would like to start reading this series from PART 1, click on the following link:


 In part 2 of this series, more ways of contact will be described in this ‘Dictionary of Spirit to English & English to spirit’ to enhance our understanding of the love and the messages they bring forth to us as validation that they are still part of our lives. As our loved ones in spirit return to their original form of pure energy, they use spirit signs to allow us to understand their love transcends time and space and that they continue to play an active role in our lives. Our loved ones are now just a thought away! As the mere thought of them and the love in our hearts bring them close to us, read about the most common ways they ‘interact’ with us and what message they may have for us!

Butterflies and Dragonflies

Butterflies and dragonflies are amazing creatures, their colors are just beautiful but they are not around for very long, like us we cannot live forever here on Earth. When you see a one of these creatures, sometimes it means a transformation has taken place, a sign from a loved one that they have transformed over to the other side. To clearly identify whether this is a sign from spirit or just a beautiful sign of nature, notice the movement of these creatures. If they appeared out of nowhere, if they are moving in strange patterns (persistently fluttering around you or towards a specific direction), if they suddenly disappear just as quickly as they appeared for you to take notice, then this is definitely a sign from spirit, in response to your thoughts about them.  If it sits close to you and turns its head and stares intently at you, it is definitely your loved one. Which one? The first one that enters your mind as soon as you see this sign! It is that simple!

If you held somebody specific in your thoughts when these creatures appeared, then this is definitely them! In Chinese legend seeing a butterfly can mean a soul has come to see you from the other side, so if a face or a voice comes into your mind it is the soul of that person acknowledging you and letting you know that they are around you.

The colors that that these creatures have when you see them may also have an extra message for you from your loved one, especially if you were asking for their guidance from the spirit world! Check out the following pictures for what they might mean!



Often we will find a feather that comes from nowhere. Especially when there are no birds close by! This is a definite sign from spirit. If you are walking down the street, which is clean and suddenly you find a feather in your path, know it is a sign from spirit! It comes down from the sky right in front of you. This is a definite sign from a loved one who is verifying that they are close by. Stop in your tracks and recall the last immediate thought you had in your head. The feather you found is a sign or verification. The color of the feather can also provide you with an answer to something that you wanted to receive guidance about. Check the following color chart for your additional message from spirit!

Unusual Behavior of Birds, Pets and Young Children.

Animals are extremely sensitive sentient beings able to detect energy changes around us much more easily than we do. So if you are ever feeling overwhelmed or a just missing a passed loved one, they might try to catch your attention by directing your gaze to notice out of the ordinary animal behavior. If you see a flock of birds suddenly appearing around you fluttering lively, or you look up at the sky and you see a flock of birds doing a weird sky dance or flying in a certain formation, this might be either a sign verifying their constant presence in your lives, or in the case of a particular pattern, there might be an additional message of significance there just for you!

Family pets can often sense their passed owner or a missed loved one. You will notice your pet, either barking at or playing with something in mid-air or their attention focused on something that is not visible to you. Rest assured it is a sign of your passed loved one spending some quality time with their favorite fur baby!


Babies and toddlers are also extremely sensitive to the presence of spirit.  Due to their young age, they are still very close to their spirit and soul selves and have yet to be conditioned to a dense 3D existence and way of thinking. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see them gazing at what seems like thin air, laughing or playing with a passed loved one, who remains close to them, showering them with their love and protection.

Dream Visitations

Our loved ones often visit us in our dreams to offer either comforting reassurance that they are Ok, or they might come to us with a special message for us. The reason for this is that while we are dreaming, we are in closer contact with our spirit selves and therefore more open to receiving a message. You will be able to understand that this is dream visitation and not a normal subconscious dream, in the fact that our passed loved ones always come to us looking as if they are bathed in light. The dream visitation will also be so vivid that you will be able to remember every single detail for years to come. In this case, when you are visited by a passed loved one in your dream, it is a good idea to write down the details of the dream as soon as you wake up and look them up online in the many dream interpretation sites that exist online. Your loved one might have a special additional message for you!


Photographs being moved / Orbs in photographs

If you have pictures of a passed loved one, spirit may use these pictures in order to alert you that it is them sending you a sign. There have been many reported cases of photos on the wall suddenly being moved or becoming crooked without any due cause, or photo frames of dear loved ones falling off the table/ mantle where they were placed. Sometimes a certain form of mist or mold may develop on the picture out of nowhere, signifying the presence of the particular loved one. If a mist does develop on the photo, study it carefully in case there is a sign, like a heart, or any other additional message on it for you.

With the emergence of high-tech digital cameras, there have been many reported cases of images with orb like structures captured in the photo. This usually occurs in family pictures, or near pictures of a deceased loved one. In the first case, spirit loves to show you that they continue to be close to the family, for instance in birthday or other family celebration pictures. In the second case, spirit is trying to alert you of their presence and who they specifically are.


Faces of people who lived / Favorite smells of a passed loved one/ Names

Many times when we feel nostalgic of a passed loved one, spirit will prompt us to look in a certain direction where we will see a complete stranger that may resemble the appearance, the physique or the face of a passed loved one. You will immediately understand that it is a sign from them, as you stand still staring at them, and you feel your heart missing a beat. This is a sure sign that your loved one is saying to you: “I’m still here with you by your side.”

Another common way that spirit likes to get your attention to alert you of their presence is by a characteristic smell that will make you remember them. You might be walking down the street and smell their favorite perfume. If they were famous for their baking, you might smell freshly baked goods out of nowhere. If they worked as a mechanic, you might suddenly smell car grease. A common one is to smell cigarette or cigar smoke in a smokeless environment if they were smokers. Once again, if a sudden scent or smell gets your attention and makes you think of a passed loved one, it is certainly a sign that they are with you.


When you hear the name of a passed loved one constantly and repeatedly or, see their name written, rest assured that spirit is also alerting you to their presence. This is usually a spirit sign when you ask for validation of which spirit is sending you the sign.

These are just few of the ways that our loved ones in spirit use to communicate with us. This ‘spiritual translator’ aims to serve as a bridge between you and your loved ones to remind you that there is no need to ‘get lost in translation’ when it comes to contacting your loved ones! Spirit communication doesn’t understand the concept of language. For this reason communicating with our loved ones is not by doing so in some strange foreign language, but through the love we have for them in our hearts and that remain imprinted in our soul!

Stay tuned for the following parts of this series!

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