The Five (5) Principles of Reiki Explained and How to Incorporate them in our Daily Lives.

The concept of REIKI healing was established by Dr. Mikao Usui. He based this universal healing technique on  five (5) principles or precepts, called Gokai  in Japanese (pronounced “Go –kie”) and they are considered as rules of conduct concerning the practise of the spiritual discipline of Reiki. The aim of these principles allow for all Reiki practitioners to live their daily lives in a way that will give direction to their own spiritual journey. These principles are the following:


Nonetheless, whether you are a reiki practitioner or not, the benefits of incorporating these principles in your daily lives are many and may help you on your own personal spiritual journey. This will, in turn, align you with your Divine Purpose. So, let’s see what these 5 principles actually entail and mean and how  to incorporate them in our daily lives.

Just for today…

This part of the principles encourages us to fully live and appreciate the present moment in time and to be fully aware of everything happening around us.

I will let go of anger…

The destructive emotion of anger is a mirror of our own ego, which arises when someone or an event fails to meet our own expectations. All manifestations of our ego are conscious choices and response mechanisms that we have developed. As such, we can also make the conscious choice NOT to be angry. When making this choice, we are able to develop our capacity for forgiveness and empathy for ourselves and for others.

I will not worry…

Worry is an emotion derived from fear. We fear of what is unknown and we fear of what may come in the future. It is yet another ego- response mechanism that we have developed in an attempt to control what is unknown to us. This habit is something that we have developed ourselves. Worrying never achieves or solves anything and can even be ‘crippling’ when manifested in the form of ‘extreme anxiety’. As we are the ones who have developed this habit, we are also the ones who can stop it. With this principle we are reminded to let go and go with the flow. With this principle, we let Reiki calm our fears and help us develop complete trust with ourselves and with others.

I will be grateful for all my blessings…

We have been carefully and meticulously conditioned to focus on what we do not have in terms of material possessions, career aspirations and relationships. Successful advertising techniques feed off these insecurities that we have developed since the time we were born.  This is exactly where the key to changing this though pattern lies: we have developed these thoughts since the time we were born’.  As such, we can change this pattern of thought. This Reiki principle reminds us to be grateful for the many things we DO have, the gift of life being the most important of all. Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ allows us to raise our consciousness and connect to all forms of loving and nurturing energy.

I will work with honesty and integrity…

Work is often associated with how we ‘make a living’, and we often identify ourselves with our professional status. However, doing our work is not just ‘earning our living’ but also the way we work with others, understand our relationships, how we relate to others how we love etc. In order to work with honesty and integrity with others we first have to work with these principles on ourselves. We have to be honest with ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are and NOT what we do. We first have to maintain our own integrity and not be defined by the opinions of others and how they define us. This REIKI principle allows us first to heal any past hurts and misunderstandings and then to help us communicate openly, honestly and to maintain our integrity while communicating with ourselves and with others. As a result, it will help us discover our life’s purpose and allow us to live by doing what we love.

I will be kind to all living beings…

This Reiki principle reminds us to appreciate the beauty and value of all living things around us. To become aware that all living things that surround us are part of us, as we are part of them, and that everything is part of the Universal source and of the Creator itself. By being kind to all creatures, plants and the planet we are being kind to ourselves.

How to incorporate the 5 REIKI principles in our daily lives.

Working with the 5 REIKI can be tough with everything that takes place on a daily basis in our busy busy lives. However the following Worksheet Guideline can serve as a small daily reminder that we can  have on us and fill in during the day. If not, we can read through it at the end of the day and complete it to show that our day has been lived in accordance to our soul’s purpose!

      Working with the 5 Reiki Principles (Reiki Journal Worksheet Guideline)

  • Just for today…

Use your senses and emotions. Write down what experiences you had where you experienced living in the moment.

I heard…..(what?/when?/how did this make you feel?) /I smelled…(what?/when?/how did it make you feel?)

I felt…(when?/ why?)

I touched (either physically or emotionally)…(who?/what?/what happened/how did this make me feel?)

  • I will let go of anger…

Write down something that you heard, read about or experienced that caused you to feel anger. Write what was it exactly that angered you, and why. What expectations do you usually have of   such a circumstance and was not met, resulting in you feeling angry.

At the end, close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths inhaling from the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Open your eyes and say with your heart:

“I release this circumstance and emotion to the creator. Ego does not define me. I am a being of pure unconditional love and I forgive…(person, event, situation)”.

  • I will not worry…

Write down an issue that worries you. What is it? Why do you fear it? Has worrying about it made you come up with a solution to your worry? Is the matter something I really need in order to achieve happiness? Is my worry based on ego? (Think deep and honestly before answering this one!)

At the end, close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths inhaling from the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Open your eyes and say with your heart:

“I release this worry and fear to the creator. It does not define me. I am a being of pure unconditional love and trust in the creator’s divine plan and purpose related to this issue”.

  • I will be grateful for all my blessings…

Write down three (3) things that you are grateful for today.

  • I will work with honesty and integrity…

Be honest to yourself and trust your heart. Write down 3 things that you accept about yourself.

  • I will be kind to all living beings…

Write at least one incident in the day when you appreciated the beauty of a living being or if you did an act of kindness in the day.

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