REIKI : What is it? How to Explain the Concept of REIKI Simply to your Social Surroundings.

Reiki is just one of the many hands-on healings techniques that have existed throughout the course of history, dating back thousands of years.  Such practices have been recorded in Ancient temples of Egypt, Persia, and in Ancient Greece, where healing took place at locations, which were on top of magnetic energy fields. Such techniques were even recorded in India thousands of years before the time of Buddha, as well as in the Middle East, well before the time of Christ. Healing was recorded in the form of ‘miracles’ in ancient texts and even to this present day, such events all over the world travel through word of mouth at the speed of light. All recorded energy healing practices, all have one thing in common: ‘by placing one’s hands on the afflicted, their pain was either eased or alleviated.’

The modern term ‘REIKI’ (pronounced in Japanese ‘RYE-KI’ and westernized to ‘RAY-KI’) was fashioned by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in the late 1800s. Although the story behind REIKI has many versions, the actual healing concepts of this healing practice and its principles have remained the same. The Usui system of Reiki is a very simple yet powerful form of healing which is easily bestowed upon anyone who has been attuned to REIKI. It brings healing and balance to every aspect of our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Through this healing path we become more self-aware and confident about allowing positive changes in our lives as we become healthier and happier. We align ourselves with the divine principles of the Creator and are able to let go of fear and pain.

Reiki abides by no specific religious doctrine and for those who pursue it; it can become an integral part of their spirituality. From personal experience, REIKI may allow for the reinforcement of your current belief system and faith, as you ‘feel’ that the healing energy does not come from you but THROUGH you,  you feel one with the creator, just as you do through any form of prayer practice. As such, REIKI is currently being practiced by all, according to their spiritual beliefs, without conflict, alongside their own prayer and devotional practices. In fact, Reiki is seen by many people as a manifestation of divine love. This is probably the reason why people commonly say: ‘One does not find REIKI, but REIKI finds you, when your higher self is in need of it and deems that it is for your highest good!’


 REIKI practitioners learn and practise REIKI via a REIKI Master Teacher, who offers REIKI attunements. The REIKI attunements allow the universal life energy to flow through us and be focused on healing ourselves and others, as well as plants, animals and the planet as a whole.As all living creatures, we already instinctively use the Universal Life force Energy as it is already encoded in our genetic makeup and has been bestowed upon us by the creator.

In our daily lives we instinctively use hands on energy healing when we embrace, contact, want to feel close to others, or when we even immediately place our hands on an injury that we may have sustained.  When a person falls and hurts part of their physical body (for example, they have suffered a bump on the head), they instinctively place their hand on the injured body part to relieve their pain. In essence, they are offering themselves and energetic healing session. The same occurs when we embrace someone in emotional or physical pain. Without even realizing it, we are offering them our healing energy by sending and channeling the energy to them. The recipient of our embrace is subconsciously receiving and drawing the healing energy.  Likewise, when we long for somebody’s love, we subconsciously want to be close to them, hug and hold them for the same reason. We are seeking healing sent to us.

In all cases previously mentioned, the following can be observed:

  1. The energy flow is released freely and no patents, religious beliefs or other restrictions are attached to it, &
  2. In order for the energy to flow freely, it must be fundamentally based on PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Therefore, all one needs is the desire and the discipline to attune oneself to this energy and its life changing properties.

  • Q/A: If we already have this ability innately, why is attunement necessary?

Without attunement, we can only utilize about 10% of the Universal life force energy for the capacity to offer healing. With proper attunement, instruction and practice we are able to harness this energy and to utilize its full potential to offer healing to both ourselves and others.

  • Q/A : Can we lose the potential to utilize this Universal Life Force Energy?

Yes & No.  Once somebody has received attunement, the gift of healing remains with them for the rest of their lives.  However, if this gift is abused for negative, manipulative or destructive purposes, Reiki will not flow. This gift is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and must be respected and treated as such. As a Reiki practitioner you are a channel for this universal life force energy and you must not allow your ego or will to desire your client to be well. You must remain a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows; this allows for the healing to be for the highest good of the recipient. Always remember that Universal Life Force Energy is neutral and awaits the positive, productive and empowerment of the recipient.

  • Q/A: Can the flow of Universal Life Form Energy in us be weakened?

Yes.  Things that weaken the Flow of Universal Life Form Energy are easily understood, as they are the same things that weaken our physical body and cause disease or illness*. These are summarized in the following list:

  1. Alcohol, drug and medication abuse, Smoking.
  2. Following an unbalanced diet and consuming processed foods (e.g. too much meat, fats etc.)
  3. Lack of physical activity
  4. Negative Thought Patterns (lack of kindness, empathy, ego, thoughts of ill will or revenge, feeling unworthy, experiencing depression )
  5. Stress and Lack of Sleep.
  6. Poor Breathing Patterns.
  7. Negative Psychic Activity (feeling drained of one’s energy – psychic vampires).

All the above, made lead to blockages in one or more of our energy centers, not allowing for the uninhibited and free flow of Universal Life Form Energy. This may manifest as disease or illness in one or more parts of the body and mind, or as a sense of feeling ‘out of balance’, like ‘something is missing’ and ‘feeling lost or disconnected.’

  • Q/A: How does the Universal Life Form Energy flow through us?

Human beings in their physical bodies are manifestations of energy. We constantly interact with energy in our natural environment and our very survival depends on it. Our body rhythms and moods are influenced by it. The energy centers in our body that interact with this Universal Life Form Energy are commonly known by their Sanskrit name, ‘Chakras’. As energy flows through them we become more aligned with the oneness of all that is. The Energy that flows through us is also commonly believed to be ‘the essence of our soul’ in many cultures.

When we are happy and healthy, this energy flows through us freely, we have higher resistance to disease and illness and we can effectively dealing with life’s challenges. However, when the flow of this energy is weakened or inhibited, the Universal Life Force that flows through us is low, and the opposite occurs.

As such, you could say that practising REIKI is a universal way to cleanse your energy field and raise your vibrations, whenever this hectic pace of life makes you feel ‘overwhelmed’, ‘blocked’, ‘drained’ and left feeling the need to come back into your Divine essence and being. It allows you to ‘tap into’ that Universal Life Force Energy flow, and focus it on healing a specific area of your lives. As healing is observed, your vibrations and overall well-being are raised, allowing you to focus your attention to finding the right solutions to any problem that may have been in front of you the whole time, but you were unable to see it.  REIKI allows you to remember that you are one with the universe and in its infinite light,  you too are light!

Many Blessings In Love & Light!!!!

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