Manifestation: How to Cash in Big Time During an Eclipse (Part3: Essential Oils to Heighten the Senses)


As the Solar Eclipse took place yesterday (September 1st) on a New moon, the energy surge to go with it was felt on a Global Level. On all corners of the Earth, many powerful and devastating natural phenomena took place in the week leading up to the Solar Eclipse. Two major Earthquakes, in Italy and New Zealand, one major lighting strike in Norway which killed large herds of deer simultaneously, and extreme flooding accompanied with strange weather phenomena surged the globe, illustrating the power that an Eclipse on the New Moon may have.

 However, the Solar Eclipse was just one out of the two eclipses that will take place in September of 2016. The second one (on Sept, 16th) will be a Lunar Eclipse, occurring during the full moon. During both eclipses the energy of the moon is extremely intense and the impacts are long-lasting, making it the perfect time to harness this energy for your highest good through manifestation. In the last part of the manifestation series, focus will be placed on how to use essential oils during either a New Moon (for the manifestation of the new things you want to bring into your lives) or a Full Moon (for manifestation to release what no longer serves you for your highest good).

The manifesting potential of yesterday’s Solar Eclipse is still strong, and as we start preparing for the Lunar Eclipse to occur in mid-September, the following table about essential oils will provide further assistance during your manifesting practices.  Aromatherapy is known to heighten the senses, allowing stronger contact between the physical and ethereal body, allowing us to focus on our visualization techniques and increase our manifesting potential.

Here’s a small table containing some of the most easily found essential oils for manifesting purposes. They can be used in an essential oil burner or as ingredients in Crystal Elixirs. If you would like to read about the many various ways we can increase our manifesting potential, here are the links to Parts 1 & 2 of the manifestation Series:

Essential Oil

Practical Use

Bergamot Lifts spirits during stressful situations or when feeling overwhelmed during intense Energy Surges during New and Full Moons.
Cinnamon Bark Strengthens manifestation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle regimen both physically and spiritually. Promotes the feelings of ‘feeling at home’ & joy.
Clary Sage To diffuse stress and anxiety created during intense Energy surges during the New and Full Moons.
Clove Promotes ‘taking action’ and moving forward to see the opportunities to manifest financial abundance and love, while driving away negativity.
Cypress Facilitates Transition of any kind, enhances connection to your spiritual self.
Frankincense Facilitates uplifting spirits and brings a feeling of relaxation.
Geranium Allows stronger connection to the divine feminine and to keep a balance in your lives. Perfect for manifestation work concerning loving relationships and fertility
Ginger Promotes physical well-being, makes you focus on ‘taking action’ & gives you courage to do so, promotes filling you with energy should we feel lethargic.
Jasmine Promotes understanding between higher selves and the conscious mind
Lavender To calm you down from stress or feeling overwhelmed during intense Energy surges during the New and Full Moons.
Melissa Helps you understand life lessons and move forward
Mint Energizes and enhances awareness, Helps you get in touch with your inner selves. It allows to clear the path of all barriers that have been put up.
Myrhh Allows you to connect to the divine and to be open to receiving gifts and divine guidance more clearly.
Neroli Promotes ‘seeing the light’ and lifts you out of depression & negative thoughts. It is also food to use when focusing of manifesting financial abundance.
Palmarosa Promotes opening yourselves up to new opportunities that are already there. It also allows you to be more flexible and to consider all angles of a matter when you need to make a balanced decision.
Patchouli Same use as Bergamot. Maintains a mental equilibrium between the physical and emotional body during stressful situations or when feeling overwhelmed during intense Energy Surges during  the New and Full Moons
Rosemary Promotes enhanced concentration.  It is also good for allowing purification of the body and mind , as well as protection
Rose Otto / Rosewood Opens up your heart to allow the flow of love and abundance from the universe. Releases grief and promotes opening up the heart to receiving and offering love after heartbreak. It also helps you release relationships and ties that no longer serve you by empowering self-love and self-respect.
Sandalwood Promotes unity and balance between the physical and spiritual realms.
Spruce Promotes grounding and feeling a closer connection to Mother Earth. In this way, energy blocks that cause anxiety are released, leading to prosperity and manifestation of abundance.
Sweet Orange Promotes feelings of peace & makes you feel more vibrant, leading you to feel happiness
Vertiver: Facilitates Opening up to Trust and Receiving. It is especially helpful if your resistance to the change you desire makes you nervous or uncomfortable.

The list can go on and on as Mother Earth has bestowed all her gifts on us in the form of nature’s aromatic scents. Using essential oils along with any of your favorite manifestation rituals can enhance the connection between yourselves and the Divine and greatly empower any visualization techniques used.

So take a deep breath,  and Manifest your Desires in Accordance with your Soul’s Divine Purpose!

xoxo Many Blessings!!! xoxo

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