Manifestation: How to Cash in Big Time during an Eclipse. (Part 2: Assisted Visualization Tips, REIKI, Angelic Assistance)

September 1st is the day when one, out of the two, very powerful eclipses will be taking place, releasing intense energy surges that can be used to our advantage. The first eclipse (Sept, 1st) is a Solar Eclipse, while the second one (on Sept, 16th) will be a Lunar Eclipse. During both eclipses the energy of the moon is extremely intense and the impacts are long-lasting, making it the perfect time to harness this energy for your highest good.

In particular, the Solar Eclipse, taking place tomorrow, occurs during the New Moon, making it a perfect time to consider all the aspects in your lives that you would like to enhance and renew. It is the perfect time to manifest all the new things that would like to bring into your lives. The second Eclipse (on Sept. 16th ) will take place during the Full Moon, and can prove to be the perfect time to release what no longer serves you to make room for new opportunities.

As both of these times increase our manifesting potential, this post follows PART 1 on the subject, listing are other ways that can be used to maximize the efficiency of your manifestation techniques! If you would like to read PART1 on this topic, please click on the following link:

  • Plant Your Wish! Allow Your Desires to Manifest and Flourish!

Manifestation techniques are all about visualizing strongly on your intent. A simple way to do this is this very beautiful action that allows you to watch the seed of intent you sowed flourish! It can be done as an individual or group activity (at school, with your family members, at your place of business) and in this way, every time you admire your plant growing and flourishing, you immediately and subconsciously visualize and focus on your manifestation affirmations. This should be done within 24-48 hours of a New Moon (tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse is ideal), when the moon’s energy is the strongest.

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Take a gardening pot. It will be activated during the Solar Eclipse and will include all your manifesting affirmations concerning the NEW things you want to bring into your lives.
  2. Fill the pots with soil and any crystal chips (optional) that will enhance your manifestations.
  3. Take a piece of paper and write down your ‘wish’ list.
  4. Fold and plant your list into the pot, on the night of the New Moon. Don’t worry, if it gets dirty, torn or it disintegrates. Alternatively you can place your wish list in a ziploc or a box and then plant it.
  5. Ask the Mother Earth, call upon Archangels Ariel (protector of Nature) and Haniel (Archangel to assist with manifestation) or via simple prayer of according to own belief system, for the higher authorities to receive your manifestation list and manifest your list for your highest good. You may also choose to call upon the assistance of other Archangels. Go through the checklist, according to your manifestation needs to see which Archangel can assist you on a particular matter. Here’s the link to the article where you can find the checklist.

  1. REIKI practitioners can activate the list by going through the following steps:
    1. Ground and shield yourselves and connect with REIKI
    2. First draw CKR on the four corners of the paper that entails your list.
  • Write your manifestation list on the piece of paper you have activated
  1. On the back side of the paper, draw the Reiki symbols that you are attuned to. If you are level one practitioner, you carry on without symbols.
  2. Draw symbols on palms. Hold the paper in between your palms and give Reiki to it.
  3. Plant this wish list directly in earth
  4. Ask Mother Earth to bestow her blessings and fulfill your wish. With distant symbol HSZSN connect moon energy to the planter and your wish list asking the Divine Moon energy to bestow light and blessings daily.
  5. After you have planted your list, plant a simple herb plant on top of your manifestation list. Basil is ideal if your manifestations include releasing negative emotions, people and situations, because it transmutes negative energy into light. Bay Laurel is the ideal plant for manifestation, as it represents the plant of victorious outcomes.
  6. Water your manifestation plant according to its needs. You can use simple water, moon water, REIKI activated water or even Holy Water. You can even use a mixture of simple water with the other waters previously mentioned.
    NOTE for REIKI Practitioners: When you form each symbol, don’t forget to utter the symbol’s name 3 times!
  • Make and Activate a Manifestation Box. (FOR REIKI PRATITIONERS LEVEL2 & 3) / Manifestation Board (for non-REIKI practitioners)

Although REIKI practitioners know that they can activate a REIKI Manifestation box at any time, the intense energy surge of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon, makes it a perfect time to give your manifestation box a ‘jump start’. For maximum results, activate your Manifestation Box with REIKI within 24-48 hours of the Solar Eclipse on September 1st.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Find or make a box that resonates with you and that will fit in your manifestation list. Each manifestation wish can also be written on separate pieces of paper if you wish.
  2. Place essential oils (tomorrow’s post) and crystals in your box together with the REIKI activated manifestation list(s) if you wish. You can even place pictures that depict your desired manifested outcome.
  3. Ground yourselves and connect with REIKI.
  4. You can follow the same method of REIKI activation as the method mentioned above, for planting your manifestation list.
  5. Activate your box with REIKI by using all 3 symbols in this order (CKR+SHK+ CKR+HSZSN+CKR). Those who are attuned to REIKI Level 3 may also use the master symbol. This is also known as a “REIKI Sandwich”. Give REIKI to your Manifestation Box daily for a maximum of 20 minutes (Let the energy guide you when it is enough). REIKI Practitioners will proceed with cleaning their aura, grounding, shielding and thanking all involved for allowing REIKI to flow for your highest good.
NOTE: When you form each symbol, don’t forget to utter the symbol’s name 3 times!

For those who are NOT Reiki Practitioners, you can use a Manifestation Board. In essence it can be a poster, with quotes, pictures etc. that correspond to what you want to manifest. You can either hang this on the wall or take it out and meditate on it, focusing on the desired outcome.

  • The Wishing Well – Increasing your Manifesting Potential with the Flow of Water.

Remember when we would toss a penny in a wishing well and make a wish? This visualization technique follows the same principle and allows water, whose motion, ebbs and flows are heavily influenced by the phases of the moon, and which has naturally been activated under the New or Full Moon, to carry your intent and increase the chances of your desired outcome.  It requires a natural body of flowing water and that you are located at a higher level than it. For example, you could be on a bridge, over a flowing river, on a pier, on the river bank etc.) The best time to do this is within the first 24 hours of the New or Full Moon, preferably when the moon is out.

Please Remember: On the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) we visualize all the NEW things we want to bring into our lives, while on the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) you visualize all the things you want to RELEASE, to make room for new opportunities!

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Take a penny or a coin of your currency and let it absorb the moon’s energy by placing it under moon light for about half an hour. Call upon Archangels, Guides or Ascended Masters according to your Spiritual Doctrines to hear your plea or prayer. (If you are a REIKI Practitioner Level 2 and above, you can connect the coin to moon energy using the distance symbol.)
  2. After half an hour, hold the coin between your palms and declare what you want to new you would like to bring into your lives or what you would like to release. (If you are a REIKI practitioner, you may give Reiki to the coin (CKR+SHK+CKR+HSZSN+CKR). Level 3 practitioners may also use the Master Symbol).
  3. Imagine your desired outcome. Visualize it unfolding as you desire till it reaches the manifested outcome.
  4. Throw the penny towards the moon and let it fall into the running water to be taken away and state a simple affirmation that will allow your manifestations to be realized in love and light for your highest good. (REIKI Practitioners will proceed with cleaning their aura, grounding, shielding and thanking all involved for allowing REIKI to flow for your highest good).
NOTE: When REIKI Practitioners form each symbol, don’t forget to utter the symbol’s name 3 times!

 Rest assured that the stagnant energies have been released and the new activated opportunities have begun to manifest!

  • Write out a check/cheque to yourself! Allow the Universe  to Cash your Check/Cheque and Shower you with Financial Abundance!

If financial abundance is what you would like to manifest, this visualization technique allows you to focus your intent more effectively! Once activated, this check can be carried around with you in an envelope, and held in your hands, so you may meditate on manifesting financial abundance. This is something that can be done within 24 hours of the New Moon and since tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse is super powerful, it will give your manifesting potential a strong push towards fruition.

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Print out this blank check/cheque template or draw your own!
  2. reiki check
  3. Write out your check/cheques as shown below.
  4. Fill in the date
  5. Pay to ______________ (your name)
  6. Amount in words PAID IN FULL. Amount in a box PAID IN FULL.
  7. Sign the cheque THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE.
  8. If you are a REIKI Pratitioner Level 2 and above, draw the Reiki Symbols ( CKR SHK CKR HSZSN CKR) and the symbol of the  Midas Star on the back of your check and in your palms and send it reiki for 10 minutes. Level 3 practitioners may also use the Master symbol.  This will allow you to connect your check with the moon’s energy.
    1. NOTE: When you form each symbol, don’t forget to utter the symbol’s name 3 times!
  9. If you are not a REIKI Pratitioner, call upon Archangel Sandalphon or Jophiel, should your profession refer to arts. If your profession has to do with medical care, call upon Archangel Raphael. If you are in the teaching profession, call upon Archangels Metatron and Gabriel. If you are in PR and work with a lot of people, you may call upon Archangel Gabriel. If you work in law enforcement, security or the military, call upon Archangel Michael. If you work with animals and nature, call upon Archangel Ariel. If you are a mom at home, call upon the Virgin Mother Mary. However, in addition to the Archangel representing your work sector, also call upon Archangel Haniel to manifest the desired financial outcome as you offer your highest good in service of your profession.  Meditate while visualizing the Archangels by your side at work, lovingly supporting you and guiding you to reach your maximum potential and financial abundance. Write down any insight you may gain from the Archangels during your mediation and follow their guidance.
  10. Place a glass of water on the check/cheque and leave it overnight in the moon to absorb moon’s divine energy. In the morning put away the check/cheque safely and drink the water.
  11. At the end of this ritual, ground yourselves carefully and give thanks to all those who assisted you.

Try this for minimum three months and see the difference. After 3 months either you can burn your checks/cheque or keep it safe in an envelope.

  • Music as a means to enhance visualization -The Universe comes Alive with The Sound of Music

When meditating upon your manifestation intentions using music as a tool, may enhance your visualization potential. Call upon Archangels Sandalphon (music) and Gabriel (healing) or Haniel (abundance) to assist you during meditation. Here are links to some powerful music compilations especially catered for meditation to empower your manifesting potential:

  1. Music to enhance visualization using Alpha Waves (Note: Strong, allows you to feel spiritual connection quite fast and empower your visualization).

  1. Enhance Your Visualization Skills: Intense Alpha Theta Isochronic Binaural Beats (Cycles) (Note: Very intense, you feel the vibrations also immediately).

  1. Meditation Music – Increase Creativity – Alpha and Theta Waves – Deep Sleep – Relaxation (Note: Very relaxing and you feel the connection to the divine almost immediately. Very good to do when you want to fall asleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed with a lot of new creative ideas)

There is only one more thing that I will write about in this manifestation series. But that will be in tomorrow’s post!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and until then:

Happy Solar Eclipse and May you All Manifest your Desires in Accordance with your Soul’s Divine Purpose!

xoxo Many Blessings!!! xoxo


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