Manifestation: How to Cash in Big Time during an Eclipse. (Part 1: Crystals)

In two days (Sept.1st) is the day when one, out of the two, very powerful eclipses will be taking place, releasing intense energy surges that can be used to our advantage. The first eclipse (Sept, 1st) taking place, is a Solar Eclipse, while the second one (Sept, 16th) will be a Lunar Eclipse. As the solar eclipse will affect the Earth strongly and the Lunar eclipse will trigger changes more related to our inner self, working WITH this intense energy, rather than against it, could prove to be a wise decision.  Don’t forget, Mercury is ,and will be, also in retrograde during both of these eclipses. So, the energy in the air is strong, to say the least. One of the many ways to do this is by using crystals.  As crystals are powerful Earth Elements, each transmuting energy at its own vibration, working WITH them during a solar eclipse, which influences the Earth itself, may intensify any manifestation practices.

So get your crystals ready for tomorrow and increase your manifesting potential!

First, choose which crystals you will be working with to manifest your desires. Below is just a small list of affordable and easily found crystals that can work for this purpose.

Secondly, clean them according to their own properties (Carefully look online for information on this matter). This can be done by placing them in salt water or under clear running water for a few minutes, with reiki, by smudging them with sage smoke for 1 minute, by burying them in the soil or placed under a full moon. (I will be posting a more detailed article on this later today). Then allow them to charge under direct sunlight. Yes, this still works if the weather is cloudy. Again check the properties of the crystal you will be using because some of them don’t like the sun! According to their size,  leave them in direct sunlight for a time period ranging from 5 min ( for small chips) to  an hour for very large  crystal specimens.

When your crystals are cleaned and charged, you need to program them with your manifestation intentions. This can simply be done by holding them in your hands for a few minutes and clearly stating and focusing on the intention that this crystal will be used for. For example: “This crystal is to be programmed to manifest financial abundance for my highest good.” Those who practise REIKI can also program them by using REIKI.

Now your crystals are ready to be used in meditation, a crystal grid (as long as you know how to form and activate one properly), or placed in the appropriate place of your homes & businesses according to various doctrines (e.g. Magick, Crystal Healing, Reiki or Feng Shui).

Manifesting with Crystals

When working on manifesting, it’s not practical to expect the things you wish for to magically appear out of thin air. Like everything in life, it’s going to take hard work, intention and your true heart’s desire to make your intentions (desires) come true. Crystals just allow you to amplify our intentions and by focusing on them while meditating, you can visualize what you want to manifest much more easily. This is mainly due to the power that each type of crystal may hold (its vibrations). This power of crystals lies in their ability to hold and transmute energy.  As such, the crystal will not only heal what is not for your highest good, but it will also help you to focus, visualize your intent and manifest your desires. In essence, using crystals, which have been cleaned and programmed for manifesting, helps you align your own vibrations with your intentions.

Citrine: is perfect if you are suffering from anxiety and depression. It helps you draw abundance concerning happiness and creativity, when used with powerful affirmations.  Since it works with matters of the solar plexus that can be blocked by fear it can also release any blockages, allow you to set goals and see any opportunities, that will eventually lead you to manifest desired financial abundance. Citrine works very well with Pyrite, a grounding stone, leading to some very powerful manifestation. Hold a piece of citrine in your hand while clearly setting your intention or meditating if this is an area you would like to focus on. Carnelian, is also another stone that helps those going through any form of depression, ADD and PTSD. Carnelian can also be as a grounding stone, calming down intense passions and outbursts. It allows you to banish sorrow, uplift emotions and it helps you go forward with taking initiatives.

Rose Quartz: is perfect, if loving relationships is the area where you want to focus your manifestation on.  It works with the heart chakra and it will enhance attracting love to your life. This doesn’t necessary mean that you will attract romantic love or a soul mate. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, maybe a bit of self-love is what you need. Therefore, this is most likely the area it will choose to work on. Because what you choose to put out there is what you will get! Right? And the universe does not want anything less than the best for our lives. Rose quartz loves to work while we are sleeping. So, sleeping with rose quartz next to or under your pillow, after setting your intention, can definitely assist with manifesting emotional abundance.

Iolite: This beautiful purple stone with orange spots can be used if you want to manifest creativity and open up our minds to your intuitive gifts. Since imagination is imperative in manifesting your set intentions, the purple, corresponding to the higher chakras, is balanced by the orange spots, corresponding to the sacral chakra, increasing our passion. As Iolite enhances your imagination, it opens up your heart to your mind’s true desires and attracts them to you. As your true desires (your passions) are activated, Iolite reminds you not to set limits for yourselves, in order to manifest whatever your mind puts out to the universe.  Hold a piece of iolite in your hand and focus your gaze on this beautiful crystal, while meditating and stating your affirmations.

 Jade: The Chinese swear by it! It is a powerful crystal used to manifest good luck and financial abundance! Meditating with jade can also help and guide you when you need to make a major financial decision. Green Jade is a heart chakra stone, so it also helps to open up the heart to manifest what it truly desires. Malachite,  Green Tourmaline, Green Aventurine & Green Agate can also help in the same way, by opening up your heart to the opportunities available in order to manifest your set intentions.

Amethyst:  is a ‘fits-all-sizes’ manifestation crystal that works well with the two highest chakras ( the third eye and crown chakras). If what you would like to manifest is spiritual expansion ( expanding your awareness, strengthening or even coming into your psychic gifts), amethyst will strengthen your abilities to receive inner guidance and increase your manifesting abilities. It ‘lights up the way’ towards attaining your goals for your highest good. If it’s manifesting creative work you desire (artists, writers, musicians etc.), or increasing your contact with spirit, meditating with amethyst can aid mediums in strengthening their ability to receive messages from spirit and expressing the messages they get more clearly. Crystal clear Quartz, Fluorite, Howlite & Amazonite are also good to use for the same reason.

This is just a small start to a series of articles that will focus on increasing your manifestation potential! More to come on a daily basis! In the meantime:

Happy Solar Eclipse and May you All Manifest your Desires in Accordance with your Soul’s Divine Purpose!

xoxo Many Blessings!!! xoxo

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