Shaken but NOT stirred: How to Come Out On Top of Mercury Retrograde! (PART2: Astral Travel, Meditation, Reiki Healing, Akashic Records & Archangel Assistance )

Yesterday, I started this article focusing on other aspects that may help us all get through the Mercury Retrograde, which officially started on the 30th of August and will officially end on the 22nd of September. But heads up everyone! You might still feel its impacts for up to a week after the planet of Mercury returns to following its normal course.  In this article, I will focus on the metaphysical aspect and ways the Mercury Retrograde might actually be blessing for those who do, or are interested in, spiritual work.

If you would like to read Part 1 of this article, here’s the link that will take you to it:

Mercury, otherwise known as the Olympian God Hermes, in Ancient Greece, is the one responsible for smooth communication and travelling. He is, after all, the fastest one of all the Olympian Gods, famous his rapid speed concerning delivery time for messages he brought forth on behalf of them. Imagine Hermes being something like an ancient ‘courier service for the divine’, to assist humans living their existence of Earth. So, when the planet Mercury is Retrograde, communication on this 3D plane is disrupted. Why?  According to Greek Mythology, during Mercury Retrograde, Hermes is on leave as he is visiting the Underworld. Only few Gods, apart from Hermes, have the power to be in the Realm of the Dead and the Realm of the Living, as it would change the balance of the Realms. However Hermes could and he delivered messages between Hades and entities of the Underworld to Zeus & other Olympian Gods, while he also accompanied the Souls to the Otherworlds. So, when the Planet Mercury – who was related to the God – was retrograde, it is believed that He focuses all his energy on the Underworld (or Otherworlds) rather than the Land of the Living.(

So. for those practicing mediumship, astral travellers, doing psychic readings or studying and visiting the Akashic Records, the Mercury Retrograde actually benefits and strengthens your work! The reason for this being that Hermes is actually in the Underworld now and can bring forth any messages much clearer! Our clairs and other spiritual gifts are heightened, and this facilitates faster and more accurate deliverance of messages from spirit. For those seeking a stronger connection with their guides, once again, any spiritual connection is much stronger now and so are the messages they may have for you for your highest good.

Important Note: Make sure that you ground, shield strongly and ask for protection from your guides, before doing any form of spiritual work. For those who would like to read more on these matters please refer to previous articles on grounding and shielding. Here are the links to these articles:


  1. Have you ever wanted to Astral Travel? Try this tip from the site: Magical Recipes Online. (Permission has been granted to Hiraeth Spiritual to use info. from the article posted on the link included below).
  • Take a purple candle. Carve the Symbol of Mercury on the Candle like (Refer to picture below).
  • Light up the Candle for two hours before going to sleep.
  • Meditate on your ability to travel to other Worlds. Visualize a Gate, a huge golden Gate, this is the Gate which can take you to other Worlds.
  • Visualize yourself carving the Symbol of Hermes – Mercury on the Gate and “see” this Gate opening and taking you where you want to go!
  • Pass the Gate and observe.
  • Extinguish the flame.
  • Repeat for 7 days
    First thing on the morning, right down your experience.

  1. Have you ever wished to visit the Akashic Records? Although I will be coming back to you on this topic with an extensive article in the future, here are two effective and beautiful guided meditations that will allow you to visit and experience the Akashic Records first hand.

Getting through Mercury Retrograde with REIKI

During the time when the planet of Mercury is retrograde, it focuses on us dealing with our inner selves. The word ‘retrograde’ starts with the prefix RE, meaning ‘do again’ and therefore is a perfect time to look within and work on the aspects of our lives that start with the prefix ‘RE’. This is the perfect time to REorganise, REassess, REvise, REstart and most of all RElease.

The word REIKI, also starts with the prefix ‘RE’, meaning universal/ spiritual consciousness, facilitating healing where needed. As the time of Mercury Retrograde is a time of ‘heightened energy forces in play’, it brings more love into your being. This energy is helping you to let go of all that is no longer serving you and bridges the gap between your lower & higher consciousness. As a result, if you are not attuned to REIKI, the Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to become attuned to Level 1 and practise self-healing.

For Level 2 & 3 practitioners, Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to focus on cutting cords with people, situations and events that may still feel ‘heavy on your hearts and souls. It is also the perfect time for distance healings, as well as multiple healing sessions by using a REIKI box. During the most challenging times of Mercury Retrograde, activate your water and food sources with REIKI to offer your physical bodies maximum benefits.  Practise REIKI to form and reinforce a protective shield around yourselves, your homes and any mechanical or electronic equipment.

Archangel Assistance during Mercury Retrograde

*Information about the roles of the aforementioned Archangels has also been taken from:

Calling upon Archangels during Mercury Retrograde can facilitate any spiritual practices you may follow during this time.  Call upon:

  1. Archangel Michael, for protection and shielding. He also is the best ‘handyman’ in the universe, and is willing to help should any malfunction of electronic equipment occur. He loves to work with Archangel Gabriel to protect people when travelling.
  2. Archangel Gabriel, to facilitate clear and calm communication. Archangel Gabriel also tends to bring you into immediate contact with the right people, if you are looking for an answer to a communication problem. In the Archangel hierarchy he IS God’s messenger, and during Mercury Retrograde, he comes through loud and clear.
  3. Archangel Uriel, to shed light on the truth or while seeking wisdom. As Mercury Retrograde tends to cause a lot of confusion, calling upon Archangel Uriel will shine God’s light into the darkness of confusion. Mercury Retrograde can make it difficult to make correct decisions, so in this case, Archangel Uriel is the one to call upon. He also, helps you come up with fresh creative ideas, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of destructive emotions, such as anxiety and anger, that can prevent you from recognizing dangerous situations  that you need to avoid. Call upon Archangel Uriel when you want to cut cords, cleanse your aura and promote strong contact with your spirit guides.
  4. Archangel Raphael, to promote ultimate healing on all levels and protect you when travelling. Archangel Raphael, also governs the element of air and just as a burst of fresh air clears out an area, Raphael brings spiritual clarity that refreshes people, freeing them to break free of unhealthy burdens that are blocking the progress God wants them to make in life. Call upon Archangel Raphael, to promote safe travel, especially air travel, and when you practise any type of energy healing.
  5. Archangel Azrael, to promote healing from any type of grief. Call upon Archangel Azrael, when giving mediumship readings to offer loving and compassionate healing to grieving loved ones who might get overwhelmed during a reading.
  6. Archangel Ariel, to provide protection against natural disasters and to keep your pets and natural environment safe. Plants, animals and Mother Earth also experience the same side effects during Mercury Retrograde and benefit greatly from healing by Archangels Ariel and Raphael. They love to work together during animal REIKI sessions!
  7. Archangel Raziel, to hear God’s guidance more clearly, gain deeper spiritual insights, understand esoteric information, and pursue clairvoyance, alchemy, and divine magic.
  8. Archangel Jophiel, to help you learn how to think beautiful thoughts that can help you develop beautiful souls. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to discover more about the beauty of God’s holiness, to help you recognize how valuable you are, seek creative inspiration, overcome the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, absorb information and study for tests, solve problems, and discover more of God’s joy in your lives. Archangel Jophiel will also help artists to release any blockages that may result from Mercury Retrograde.
  9. Archangel Haniel, to ask for direction during the confusion of Mercury Retrograde. Since making a decision during this time can be very stressful for many, calling upon Archangel Jophiel will encourage you to stop looking for fulfillment in your circumstances (which can’t reliably deliver ) and start pursuing relationships with the Divine (in which you can truly find lasting joy in any kind of circumstances). Call upon Archangel Haniel to develop and maintain harmonious relationships with God and other people, heal emotionally from stress, discover creative inspiration for artistic projects, increase your productivity, enjoy humor, and find hope.
  10. Archangel Chamuel, to facilitate peaceful relationships. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to: discover more about God’s unconditional love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace.
  11. Archangel Jeremiel, to facilitate visions and dreams. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel when seeking for Divine messages when feeling troubled or discouraged. Ask for  Archangel Jeremiel’s help to: evaluate your lives and figure out what God would like you to change to better fulfill his purposes for your lives, learn from your mistakes, seek new direction, solve problems, pursue healing, and find encouragement.
  12. Archangel Sandalphon, to facilitate accessing the Akashic Records. Archangel Sandalphon is also known as the angel of music. He rules over music in heaven and may help you on Earth use to music to communicate with God in prayer, or to send you a message by using a specific song as a sign. Musicians can call upon Archangel Sandalphon to remove any writer’s block they may have when writing or producing music. Archangel Sandalphon also receives the prayers of people on Earth when their passed loved ones arrive in heaven. Mediums may call upon him, to facilitate and to have prayers of their sitters reach the heavens. Together with his older brother, Archangel Metatron, he is a keeper of the Akashic Records. When accessing the Akashic records, call on both of these Archangels to facilitate your visit and receive clear guidance.
  13. Archangel Metatron, to facilitate access to the Akashic Records. Call upon Archangel Metatron when you seek guidance on your Life’s Purpose and how to use your spiritual power for the highest good.

If you would like to read more about these and other Archangels and how they may assist you on your spiritual journey, a very good place to start is the sight mentioned above.

After two very long posts, it’s very easily to acknowledge that the universe ALWAYS has our backs, even in the toughest of times. So, Mercury Retrograde? What Mercury Retrograde? It’s just time to slow down, and do what is best for you!

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