Shaken but NOT Stirred: How to Come Out On Top of Mercury Retrograde! (PART 1: Breathing, Shielding, Crystals and Essential Oils)

We are currently going through the third Mercury Retrograde time period of 2016 (August 30th to September 22nd) and you have all borne witness to my personal, universal whoopin’ that Mercury Retrograde had in store for me this time round! As a result, I followed Mercury’s advice and took out all journals, notes and information gathered throughout the years and started writing this article.

I won’t focus on the ‘What not to do and avoid during Mercury Retrograde’ because let’s face it, most of the times you just can’t! I mean, you can’t say: “I won’t give you an answer to your job offer or sign a contract because Mercury is in Retrograde”, when this is an opportunity that you have been eagerly waiting for. “You can’t say to someone you love: “I will answer your question in three weeks”, either. And you definitely can’t say to friends, family and the workplace:  “Sorry, I won’t be able to attend, because I don’t travel during Mercury Retrograde!” As such, in order to avoid excess stress in the back of your minds, during an already stressful time period, here are some pointers that actually do work and may actually leave you coming out on top and the end of Mercury Retrograde!

Astronomy and astrology has explained that the planet of Mercury doesn’t actually ‘go backwards’ in the solar system. It just looks like that from the Earth. So, since we are also celestial bodies heavily influenced by the universe, neither should we. What I understand about Mercury retrograde is that the planet of Mercury just ‘slows down’ in comparison to all other celestial bodies moving around it, therefore, so should we! In this fast pace of modern life, things seem not to flow as smoothly, or rapidly, as they usually do. That’s when miscommunication, delays and everything else starts to occur.

  • TRY THIS: When you see things moving slowly, people not understanding what you are trying to say, or you are just not getting the results you desire, slow down your breathing rate. Literally! You can keep up a conversation/meeting/class by extending a warm smile or a compassionate, listening ear, while you are consciously slowing down your breathing rate and shielding your aura (your personal energy field). This will keep away the intensity of others , or a situation, from getting to you.

Here’s how to do it!

  1. When you feel your stomach tightening, blood boiling or even a headache coming on, look straight at the person or situation causing this reaction.
  2. Start slowing down your breathing. Instead of taking short, anxious breaths in (as we usually do when things get intense) take one calm, steady and long breath in.
  3. On the exhale, do it slowly. Let the exhale come out while you are counting to 7. If you can, visualize 7 layers of your aura closing in and coming closer to your physical body. Close down the layers of your aura starting from the one furthest away from your physical body. Basically, do this from the outside in.
  4. Do this 3 times
  5. At the end, thank your guides, protectors or anyone you feel like, according to your corresponding beliefs, for keeping you shielded and protected from this person or situation.

 Personal Experience: What usually happens when you do this, who or whatever is trying to overtake your energy field and disrupt your peace of mind, can see that they cannot get their way and drain energy from you to enhance their own. Things actually calm down and a window of opportunity opens up for you to start getting your message across more easily and clearly. However, since this is Mercury Retrograde, the best way to do this is by REGROUPING your thoughts and argumentation and putting things across, this time, more simply and easily. Remember that things have slowed down, so when you have slowed down, so does everything else around you. So, the key phrase to remember at this time is: “Express yourselves more SLOWLY, simply and clearly!” If, again, this doesn’t work, RETREAT. Metaphorically, of course! It’s just a message for you that is saying “Now, is not the time for this, but you have already sowed the seeds of your message where necessary. You can come back to this, later, when time has been given for the recipient of your message to process your ideas.”

Crystals  and Essential Oils that can help you through the Mercury Retrograde

As Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, the following crystals, when cleaned and programmed with the intent to facilitate the above matters, can help us deal with any negativity surrounding them. Keep them on you, in your car, around electronic equipment, especially computers and phones which are used for communication, or even when travelling.

  1. Black Tourmaline: Perfect for keeping you grounded, protected from the chaotic energy surrounding you.
  2. Hematite: A Perfect grounding stone, clearing and shielding both your physical and ethereal body. It constantly pulls any excess, unwanted or negative energy from your body into itself to clear your energy field.
  3. Tree Agate: Again perfect for keeping you grounded! It allows you to feel supported and it instills a strong sense of inner peace, helping to calm your nerves and shift your focus back to the beauty that lies in the Earth. Tree agate also promotes a healthy flow of positive energy throughout the entire body, clearing any blockages that may be preventing abundance from flowing freely.
  4. Amazonite: The truth stone. It will help you see the truth behind matters that are not clear and helps you to speak with clarity and grace, fostering clear communication. It offers calming and soothing energies, which will prove to be beneficial during this time of anxiety and stress. Also good for the same purpose is Green Emerald, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine & Turquoise.
  5. Fluorite: A healing stone that emits peace and harmony. It will help you release stress and anxiety. Fluorite is also known as ‘an energetic vacuum cleaner’ because it absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and transmutes it into harmony and balance. It also helps improve concentration and helps you organize your thoughts more effectively. Any color of fluorite will facilitate this.
  6. Clear Quartz: A powerful stone that enhances clarity and focus because it vibrates white light, removing any blockages or obstacles that may lie in your path.


Make a Crystal Elixir Spray to carry around with you! It can be easily made by adding a couple of crystal chips in water as well as one or two drops of the following essential oils (optional) according to your needs.  Spray it on you or around you to clean your aura in a flash! Some useful affordable and easily found essential oils are the following:

  1. Lavender or Ylang Ylang: to remaining calm and relax
  2. Rosemary: to increase concentration
  3. Rose Otto: to facilitate strife in relationships
  4. Mint: to maintain clear focus

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because essential oils are highly concentrated, always use them diluted in a carrier oil or water to avoid any allergic reactions or skin sensitivity outbreaks. If you fear any of the previously mentioned side effects, omit the use of essential oils in your Crystal Elixir Spray.

As a teacher who has had her students preparing and taking their exams through the Mercury Retrograde for the last 3 years in a row, the energy among students, colleagues and examination centers is explosive! Add the extra pressure from close personal and social environments, plus an extra electronics equipment malfunction, that always seem to occur during this time, and you can see that these time periods can get a little overwhelming for me! These techniques have helped me in unimaginable ways, helping students achieve the successful results they desire, maintain healthy relationships and basically keep me sane!

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