Is There Such a Thing as a ‘flawed’ Crystal?

Have you looked at a crystal and thought that it might be ‘flawed’ and its healing potential might be less than a clearer or darker-coloured crystal? In the beginning, most of us focus on the properties of a specific type of crystal and look for specimens that are clear, intensely-coloured and look more like polished gems, believing that these crystals have stronger healing energy. As we learn more about them, we start looking into other aspects, one of them, such as shape, size, hardness or vibration. Although it is true that a specific crystal will call out to you, knowing when it is time for you to work with it, there are some other interesting facts that you may find useful once you have narrowed it down to what type of crystal you will be working with. Here are just a few!

Did you know that clear crystals are considered to be male, while cloudy ones female? In fact if you have a crystal which is half clear and half cloudy, it is called a ‘ying-yang’ crystal. Embodying both aspects of masculine and feminine, they assist in providing balance of both aspects. Male (clear) crystals act in a quick and straightforward matter, and are suitable for using when you need to either act or receive in this way. On the other hand, female crystals are usually milky or cloudy in appearance and act in a calm and rational way, suitable for use when such qualities are called for.

Did you know that a crystal that has damaged chipped or broken points is called a ‘warrior crystal’? Warrior crystals often display gorgeous rainbows, reminding us to overcome our “damage” and shine our lights as they do. These power pieces make great vision quest tools and help us see ‘the silver lining’ and higher purpose of things.

Do you have a crystal with a thin veil stretching completely across it, dividing it into two sections? This type of crystal is known as a ‘wall crystal’ and can be used to simultaneously access past, present and future when needed.

Do you have a crystal which seems to have changed during the time you have had it? These crystals are known as ‘transformation crystals’. This can be a crystal of any configuration. It won’t be recognized until a change actually occurs in the crystal itself, such as its shape, quality, and/or colour. This crystal is one for progressive change, assisting one in forward movement in all aspects of life. It helps one to replace negative attitudes with positive direction. When transformation takes place in the crystal, a change in colour tends to stimulate activity and healing related to the new colour; a change in shape often indicate the creation of a self-healing crystal; change in quality may signify the addition or elimination of negativity.

Do you have any crystals or crystal formations that incorporate squares on their surface or have square shape formations? These crystals are called ‘squares’ and consolidate energy within themselves. It’s a great Crystal to anchor intentions and for grounding. They can also draw off negative energy and transform it into positive energy. Fluorite and Iron Pyrite can both be found naturally in this form.

Want to enhance your contact with the higher realms of Angels? Then check if any of your quartz crystals have inclusions of chlorite in them! These crystals promote celestial contact with the highest order of angels. Chlorite is one of the most favorable healing stones.  Worn, carried or placed in one’s environment, or used as an elixir, the properties of chlorite are overwhelmingly positive. It attacks anger, hostility, and exasperation, and dissipates the dissenting energy. It brings the energy to enhance cooperation and stimulates one’s personal affinity with “All”.  It is a purifier and is quite useful for cleansing the aura, the chakras, and the energy meridians.

As you can imagine, this part of the crystal journey has brought on a new fascination for the many ways that crystals can enhance holistic healing techniques! It just goes to show that apart from the exact type of crystal and its properties, the shapes and inclusions in it are also fascinating things to take in mind and even look for when purchasing a specific crystal! This is a subject that we will definitely come back to, on a weekly basis, in the hope that we can realize that all these crystals , that many may consider as ‘flawed’, are actually treasure troves of divine wisdom that may help us strengthen our work with them!

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