Full Moon Blessings!

As we experience the effects of this full moon together with an Eclipse, many of us have already started to feel the intense energy in the air!  Many fear what impact these simultaneous phenomena may have on us, as full moons and eclipses are dreaded by many and doomed as “Oh no!” times for us. So in this post, let’s explore the benefits that tonight’s full moon and eclipse may have on our lives and  reap the maximum benefits of tonight’s  celestial party in the night sky!

(1) Full moon Crystal Cleansing: Tonight is an excellent opportunity to cleanse crystals and semi-precious stones that we have. Either in rock formation or incorporated in jewellery, by placing your crystals in the moonlight tonight (it doesn’t matter if the sky is overcast), you allow for the cleansing of all energy forces that have accumulated in these natural bodies. Once left under the moonlight tonight, allow them to recharge slightly for  about 10min -1h in the morning sunlight (depending on the size of your crystals). This will allow for your crystals to offer you their maximum benefits on all levels, once programmed with your intentions!

(2) Full Moon Water: Just as with crystals, leaving bottles of  water out under the moonlight, will charge them with the Energy of the moon! The benefits of this water are endless! Drink it and cleanse your body of all toxins and whatever may harm it on both a physical and spiritual level! Use it in your bath water and experience a soothing aura cleansing bath! Use it with a few drops of your favorite essential oils and mist yourself with this aura cleansing mist! The same mist may also be used to cleanse the energy in your homes if you feel it is dense and low in vibration.

(3) Full Moon Meditation: Tonight’s full moon serves as an excellent opportunity to spend some time in meditation. As the moon’s energy reaches its peak, meditating under the moonlight, or by focusing your gaze on the full moon, allows you to connect strongly with the Divine Feminine and align hormonal issues, (it is scientific fact that full moons and eclipses have been linked to influencing menstrual cycles, births, miscarriage rates and even deaths.)  By connecting with the Full Moon’s Energy, you connect to the cycle of life and any messages received during meditation regarding the pre-mentioned issues should be taken seriously.

4)  The Full Moon and REIKI:  The full moon’s energy can be beautifully linked to any type of spiritual work. In fact it one of the best times to do spiritual work!  Below is a link from Reikirays.com on the matter, with a link to dowload a free e-book called “Under the Moonlight”. In it you will find many rituals and techniques to follow that cater for all Reiki Level Practitioners. (http://reikirays.com/15103/moon-rituals-with-reiki/)

5) Gardening: Want to repot and replant shoots and roots of any plant or flower? Tonight is the perfect time to do it! Any replanting or repotting done under the full moon’s light, guarantees gardening success!  Try it and let us know how it went!

These are just a few benefits that can benefit us tonight! A simple internet search will reveal many more that may resonate with what you may be experiencing now, mainly due to the intense combined Energy of August’s Full Moon and Eclipse in Aquarius. So, don’t be weary! Show no hesitation or fear! Put out your strongest positive vibrations into the Universe and allow the Celestial Lunar Energy to manifest all you may desire!

Happy Full Moon Everyone!

Blessed Be!




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