Energy Healing is NOT a new concept!

A lot has been said about the emergence of many types of energy healing  techniques and critics have dismissed them as being a ‘fad’ or something that is characterized as ‘new age’….but are they?  With the growing acceptance of REIKI in today’s world, the following post is for those who treat the term as ‘something foreign and to be suspicious of’ in an effort for to explain what Energy Healing really is, in simple terms for all to enjoy!

The Universal Life Force Energy

The term ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ refers to the gift of vitality and energy that breathes life into all living beings and has been bestowed upon us by the creator. This is a gift has been encoded in the genetic make-up of all creatures since the beginning of their existence. Our ancestors have forever relied on this life force and its innate abilities and wisdom in order to preserve life. Nonetheless, humanity has relinquished these gifts in their relentless pursuit in the name of progress, assisted by the constant conditioning that he has been subjected to over time. As a result, humanity has been feeling ‘unbalanced’ and has felt the need to reclaim this balance between ancient wisdom and modern breakthroughs. The concept of the Universal Life Force Energy is now being rediscovered, understood and being put into practice by all known forms of spiritual teachings. It is the force of energy and vitality that allows all living beings to re-balance their minds, bodies & spirits, in order to achieve harmony in all sectors of their lives and to effectively deal with life’s challenges.

REIKI is but only one of the many disciplines that allows humanity to harness Universal Life Force Energy and to use it in service of promoting natural well-being and Harmony. As The Universal Life Force Energy has been known since the beginning of time, it has received many different names in different cultures.  Some examples included in the following list:

  • Ki – the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese & Korean term of ‘Chi’.
  • Prana – the Asian, Indonesian and Indian terms for ‘life force;
  • rLung – Tibetan – inner ‘winds’ of life force.
  • Ruach Ha Kodesh – ‘Hebrew for Breath of God’.
  • Nafs and Ruh – the Islamic terms for a kind of ‘Soul breath’.
  • Spiritus Sanctus – the (Catholic) Latin term meaning ‘Holy Spirit’.
  • Pneuma – (Greek) ‘vital breath’.
  • Vis medicatrix naturae or natura medica – the inner healing power of Nature – from the early Greek Hippocratic tradition.
  • Aether, (ether) – European alchemical terms for ‘life force’ in its more refined form.
  • ka – the Ancient Egyptian idea of a vital essence or life energy.
  • Seiðr a the Norse mythos term for magical energy and the practices centered around it.
  • ichor – Greek mythic term for the ‘holy blood of the gods’.
  • maban – the Australian Aboriginal term for an invisible ‘magical life force’.
  • numen – ancient Roman term for a mysterious force of potential.

And this list goes on and on….but I think you get the point!

We already use The Universal Life Force Energy instinctively.

As all living creatures, we already instinctively use the Universal Life force Energy as it is already encoded in our genetic makeup and has been bestowed upon us by the creator.

In our daily lives we instinctively use hands on energy healing when we embrace, contact, want to feel close to others, or when we even immediately place our hands on an injury that we may have sustained.  When a person falls and hurts part of their physical body (for example, they have suffered a bump on the head), they instinctively place their hand on the injured body part to relieve their pain. In essence, they are offering themselves and energetic healing session. The same occurs when we embrace someone in emotional or physical pain. Without even realizing it, we are offering them our healing energy by sending and channeling the energy to them. The recipient of our embrace is subconsciously receiving and drawing the healing energy.  Likewise, when we long for somebody’s love, we subconsciously want to be close to them, hug and hold them for the same reason. We are seeking healing sent to us.

In all cases previously mentioned, the following can be observed:

  1. The energy flow is released freely and no patents, religious beliefs or other restrictions are attached to it, &
  2. In order for the energy to flow freely, it must be fundamentally based on PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Therefore, all one needs is the desire and the discipline to attune oneself to this energy and its life changing properties. It’s safe to say that WE are the universal life force and energy flows within and through us from the moment we come into this world. It is nothing new, but only there for us to be remembered and used again so as to align ourselves with our initial soul purpose. How we choose to do so, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this is done for highest good, according to our divine purpose, with love and compassion!



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