New Moon in Taurus, 26th April 2017 (at 6 degrees Taurus )

With this Mercury Grade literally making my life extremely difficult, I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for this month’s New Moon falling in the astological sign of Taurus, with its slow, stable and grounding energy! So, just writing down, all the useful things we can do today,to harness this stabilizing force to recap, regroup and set some solid foundations to manifest our intentions!

So here goes! 🙂

taurus4Taurus is connected to Mother Earth, nature and environmental issues.

  1. This new moon is full of grounding energy, so spending some time in nature and animals is ideal today. It is also the best time to plant new seeds and plants of just do some gardening! A new moon manifesting growth AND Taurus? Nature will flourish today!

Here are some ideas!

  • Plant some herbs associated with Taurus, such as Clary Sage or rosemary! They will surely flourish and you can enjoy their many benefits all year round!
  • Plant some flowers associated with Taurus and manifesting energies of the new moon! Such flowering plants such as Jasmine, Roses, Mugwort and Honeysuckle.

Create a small manifesting corner in your garden or balcony and watch both your plants and intentions flourish!taurus5

No time for gardening?

  • Enjoy the essential oils of the above in your oil burner! Together with ylang ylang , sandalwood, neroli and patchouli, the associated with the loving and grounding Taurus energy.
  1. With the planet Venus in Pisces at this time, connecting with the Angelic Realm will also be much stronger today. Connecting with ‘the Creator’s Eco-warrior”, AA Ariel will allow for a deeper connection to the Earth and Animals. Spending some time with animals today will definitely harness this beautiful grounding energy in Taurus today! Connecting with AA Chamuel, you can call upon his loving energies to help you manifest your intentions in love and light.

taurus3Here are some ideas!

  • Take a long nature walk with your pets in nature today and take a break under the shade of a tree to ground both yourself and your pet from any unwanted energies, releasing it into the Earth.
  • Leave out some food and water for birds, or other local wildlife.
  • Sending healing and prayers to injured or sick animals.
  1. The sign of Taurus is also associated with their love for ‘good food’. Make the effort to prepare a good, nutritious meal, with high quality ingredients, including root vegetables to strengthen your connection to the Earth!

taurus6Here are some ideas!

  • Cook some slowly roasted root vegetables with rosemary and black pepper (associated with grounding and Taurus energy). If you can light a coal BBQ and cook them, even better! (There is nothing more grounding than cooking over coal!)
  • Focus on the intention to establish a loving relationship with high quality nutritious food to incorporate into your diet!
  1. Taurus energy is also associated with careful planning, taking slow, stable, well-organized steps towards establishing a solid foundation to build on. (Especially useful to promote financial prosperity and love into any areas of your life that you would like to improve.)

Here are some ideas!

  • Take the time today, with pen and paper, to connect to this energy and allow yourself to plan out a good financial plan that you can work with. Bless it with new moon energy, through your preferred manifesting rituals (affirmations, burying your paper in the ground, writing out a check to the universe, prayers or meditation) and visualize yourself manifesting this plan into reality!

taurus7Here are some other tools that may facilitate you to increase your manifesting potential:

  • Using crystals associated with grounding (such as hematite, black tourmaline etc.) together with crystals associated with Taurus and AAs Ariel and Chamuel (jade, malachite, carnelian, amber and fossilized wood) can be also used during meditation to manifest today’s New Moon Energies.
  • Meditating on manifesting your intentions can be facilitated by lighting green, yellow or white candles to the sacred sound of the mantra LAM.

(Here’s a link:

Wishing you all a blessed Full Moon and that all your desires be manifested into reality!


Bloodstone, Old Wives Tales and Holy Friday

This past week I have been lead back to the use of the crystal that goes by the name of Bloodstone or Heliotrope. One of my most powerful healing crystals, reminded me through a personal discomfort that I am experiencing, that this is Holy Week for all Christian Denominations around the world.  This tandem celebration takes place every 4 years, and till this day, I still will never understand why it is not celebrated by all simultaneously. Nonetheless, this is not an entry of any religious controversy, but one that will tell you my personal experience and witness of the story of bloodstone that, till now, I had only heard of by word of mouth from old women. One of these saw me carrying one, while walking down the street and told me to observe it during Holy Week, when it is the same for all. That was about a year ago. Naturally I had forgotten all about it. But spirit thought otherwise, and made sure through a sudden health issue associated with blood, that I was lead back to bloodstone and remember the old woman’s words.

The most widely known legend of this stone comes from the Middle Ages and claims the “Blood Stone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone. Another version declares the blood of Christ, which flowed from the fatal spear-thrust, fell upon a Green Jasper lying at the foot of the Cross, and from this sprang the Bloodstone variety of Jasper. Today, as then, Bloodstone is regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice and can offer courage and solace to all who are called to give of themselves for the good of others. It elicits the highest, most altruistic character of those who wear or carry it.

The old woman had told me, that on Holy Thursday, any bloodstone would go dark green without hardly any red or orange specs in it. It represented the humble greens that were eaten at the last supper and the garden of Gesthimani, And so it was. My two Bloodstone crystals were unusually dark green. No matter how much I cleansed them or charged them, their color did not change.


I woke up on Holy Friday and saw that the red specs started to slowly emerge. So, I look my clearly cleansed crystals and charged them on the epitaph (flower-decorated church funeral beds of Jesus Christ, available in all  Greek orthodox churches on Holy Friday). The old woman had specifically said: ‘On the year when all celebrate Easter together, take your bloodstone to the epitaph. It will turn mostly red. Keep the stone on you at all times. The sacrifice that the God of Man made for humanity and the blood he shed will help you when you feel the need in your body, your flesh, your bones and your blood.’  So I did. Of course, I took only my smaller stones, for fear of being ‘stoned to death as a pagan’ by the devout Christians, who were lining up in every church to pay their respects to the epitaph. Even if they set foot in church maybe once a year.

In just five hours, not only did they change color, but in one specific crystal, one that I laid on the depiction of the body of Christ, changed color totally. The other which I lay at his feet, showed great red-orange specs on the side that touched the epitaph. A small image of an ‘M” or “Greek Sigma” together emerged on the one that turned reddish brown, while an image of a person/ or a cross ( depending on how one interprets it) emerged on the other.

The energy of these stones is now extremely strong and emits a heat-like sensation, resembling a hot water bottle when placed on various parts of the body, especially the ones that have been causing me discomfort lately.

Old wives’ tale or not, the amazing visual and energetic transformation of these stones is something that not even the scientist in me can doubt. This little crystal ‘experiment’ has further renewed my faith in the way crystals vibrate on all levels, connecting the divine, the earthly and the physical.

If you happen to have some bloodstone on you, please swing by the first church you see today on Holy Friday. Whether Christian or not, the undoubted wisdom of this ascended master, will no doubt greet you and your bloodstone with light love and healing! Try this out! Would love to hear your impressions on this!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter to all who celebrate, with healing on all levels!

For more information on Bloodstone please refer to:

Making Angelic Introductions: Archangel Sandalphon: “Well, I’ve heard there was a secret cord, That David played and pleased the Lord…” – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

New Year’s Eve 31.12.2016

In the midst of a bright turquoise sea front, an extremely skinny & lean, tall, very young teenager, with the brightest blue eyes I ever seen and shiniest strawberry blond hair, came running up to me enveloping me in crystal turquoise light. He gave me a warmest smile, as if we haven’t seen each other for ages, a huge hug (I was so tiny in his arms) and started dragging me by the hand. As we were obviously in a rush, we ran up some mountain stairs, reaching a great hall as he delivered me into the arms of a wise grandfather figure  ,who seemed to have missed me greatly”.

Upon waking from this beautiful dream, I knew who the grandfather figure was (Archangel  Metatron) and the Hall area I had visited many times before (The Akashic Records), but the hyperactive, zippy, teenager with the welcoming smile, high-pitched, musical voice and cheeky sense of humor was definitely a first! Thinking it was a new guide, I thanked him for the beautiful dream and message to start working more extensively in the Akashic Records this year. However, he has been staying with me 24/7, especially strongly when I pray or meditate, downloading scenes, images and history like a teenager downloads stuff from the Net.

So, after 3 days and nights, I asked him for his name. At this time, he grew even taller than he was (imagine a scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’), bathed in turquoise light and announced with a majestic orchestral compilation playing in the background: “I am Sandalphon!” All I could manage to say, while my neck was nearly being dislocated from looking up was: “Coooool!”

Yes, the Archangel’s baby brother, can instantly turn you too into a blundering teenager: mentality, shyness, broodiness, behavior and all!

Who is Archangel Sandalphon?

sandalphon2Archangel Sandalphon (Hebrew: סָנְדַלְפוֹן; Greek: Σανδαλφών) is only one of two Archangels whose name ends in –on, illustrating that they were once human, compared to the rest of the Archangels whose names end in –el, signifying that they are of Divine origin. In fact, Archangel Sandalphon was said to be the biblical profit Elijah, who God elevated to Angelic status on a heavenly chariot of fire. This is why the Archangel Sandalphon, is also known as ‘Ophan’ (Hebrew for ‘wheel within the wheel’). The name ‘Sandalphon’, is possibly derived from the Greek prefix sym-/syn-, meaning “together”, and adelphos, meaning “brother”; thus approximately meaning “co-brother”, since the modern Greek word for “co-worker”, synadelfos (συνάδελφος), has these roots as seen in the Book of Revelation, chapter 19, verse 10.

What does Archangel Sandalphon do?

If you are probably wondering who Archangel Sandalphon’s ‘coworker/ co-brother’ may be, it is none other than The Archangel Metatron, once also the wise human scribe Enoch, also elevated to Angelic status in the same way as Sandalphon . The areas in which they work together on revolve around guarding the ‘Tree of Life’, as Archangel Metatron guards its entrance, while Archangel Sandalphon guards over its exit. And while Archangel Metatron’s chief responsibility is to guide, guard and record the knowledge entailed in the Akashic Records, as its ‘chief librarian’, access to the Akashic Library itself is granted only by Archangel Sandalphon, and it is done by ‘invitation only’.

Although Archangel Sandalphon is considered to be the ‘youngest’ of the Archangels, you could say that he has been entrusted with extremely important responsibilities! Having lived through the human experience himself, he is known to gather our prayers, intercede on our behalf and make our prayers heard in the presence of God. In the liturgy for the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, he is credited with gathering the prayers of the faithful, making a garland of such prayers, and then “adjuring them to ascend as an orb to the supreme King of Kings”. He has been described as an extremely tall archangel, whose feet touch the ground and his head reaches heaven, indicative of both his human and angelic status. This shows exactly how much Archangel Sandalphon loves and cares for us enough to make sure that our prayers reach the creator and are heard.

sandalphon-4One other important responsibility or Archangel Sandalphon has been entrusted with also has to do with working closely with Archangel Gabriel. As Sandalphon, receives the prayers of people who wish to conceive a child, God then delivers his blessings to Archangel Gabriel who helps women to conceive. From then on, ‘The wheel within the wheel’, Archangel Sandalphon, helps in the differentiation of the gender of the child to be born. He brings the Divine ‘blueprint’ of life to Earth in accordance to your soul’s purpose.

The last thing Archangel Sandalphon is known for is the  Patron of Music and Musicians. He is said to conduct the heavenly orchestras and choirs, after Lucifer, who originally held this position, was expelled from heaven. Through inspiration and the beauty of musical compositions, Archangel Sandalphon inspires and uplifts our soul through music to remind us of our Divine Essence. One of his specialties is to help people on Earth to use music to communicate with God in prayer.

When to call on and how to recognize Archangel Sandalphon’s presence?

  1. turqoiuseFor those on their spiritual path of ascension, calling upon Archangel Sandalphon would bring a great ally to your sides. When Archangel Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah, he also had first-hand experience regarding the difficulties of ascending to the highest levels of consciousness. Rest assured if you are suddenly attracted to the color turquoise of his aura, that he is right there by your side. Meditating with or wearing turquoise crystals, is another way to keep Archangel Sandalphon’s energy close to you.
  2. sandalphon1Calling upon Archangel Sandalphon when praying, is also a beautiful practice that creates a gateway for your prayers to reach the Creator himself. He will guide you on how to incorporate positive affirmations, guide you to use the correct wording in order to manifest your prayers into reality. As we align the energy of our prayers, we raise the vibration of our consciousness to co-create with the Divine. Personal experience has shown me that calling upon Archangel Sandalphon in my prayers, leads me to having vivid dreams that can easily be remembered and interpreted the next day, in answer to guidance requested for a particular matter. I do not find this surprising at all since he too, works closely with Archangel Metatron in the Akashic Records and will also lead you to the heart of the problem, So, should you find yourself with a sudden urge to pray, you now know who it is coming from. As a result, he showed me clearly that he has no specific power day. He listens and conveys our prayers on all days, 24/7.
  3. sandalwoodWith his feet firmly on the ground and his head in direct contact with the heavens, it is not surprising that some of the first spiritual ascension symptoms involve, acute hearing, your ears ringing as they tune into higher angelic vibrations, as well as an increased sensitivity for nature and the protection of our planet. Sandalphon inspires the essence of living in co-creation with nature, and will remind you of the importance to remain grounded in order to establish a strong link between heaven and Earth. Therefore, for those doing spiritual work, calling upon Archangel Sandalphon when grounding, will strengthen your grounding practices and allow you to tether in love and light to the Divine source. He loves the scent of sandalwood, as its earthy, sweet scent resonates perfectly with Archangel Sandalphon’s angelic nature. A strong craving for root vegetables, seeds and pulses are also strong indications of Archangel Sandalphon’s presence.
  4. sandalphon3Are you in need of some inspiration as a song writer, singer or musical composer? Archangel Sandalphon is the one you should call upon. He also will assist healers through sound and music therapy. He will assist in cleansing through the use of musical vibrations created through Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, theta healing or chanting. Archangel Sandalphon knows how various acoustic sounds can assist in raising our vibrations. Working with the scent of lemons, lifts both spirits and vibrations, allowing you to ‘feel the music’.
  5. tree-of-lifeCall upon Archangel Sandalphon, when seeking entry to the Akashic Records to obtain answers on matters concerning issues of past lives that may be influencing your current reality. He resonates with the number 0, in the sense that he is one with both Earth and Heaven. In fact, he rules the absolute center of a circle and of a compass, as the point that connects all other directions. Just as the Tree of Life, lies at the center of all existence. Incorporating any of these symbols in your spiritual work and prayers, resonates closely to this beautiful Archangel.

Although I have never known why I have been attracted to turquoise, meeting Archangel Sandalphon has made this and many others very clear, and I not only thank him but look forward to continuously working with him, while on this path!

Blessed be Sandalphon! You are one cool dude! 🙂

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Working towards a better year! – Manifesting your New Year’s Resolutions One Step at a Time

Happy New& Blessed Year to you all!

As custom, every year many of us make a list of what we would like to accomplish in the New Year that follows.  Many times, this lovely tradition can lead to high hopes and high expectations leading to disappointment and many of us giving up even before the first month of the year is over!

In this numerical year of , 1 which is a year of manifesting new beginnings, I have taken the liberty to share my first experience in the Akashic Records, which took place on 11.1 last year, in the hope that it will help you on your path to achieve all your goals in love and light! In this first visit to the Akasha, I had the best of company. My spirit  guides: My Ascended Master, My Protector and Gatekeeper guides together with the first Archangel I had the pleasure of working with, the Archangel Ariel. In the best of company, my fears of entering the ‘Library’ were dispelled and my lovely ‘G-team’, helped me wish establishing a New Year’s resolution game plan, that was quite easily to stick to and not harsh on my sensitive soul. As a result, it allowed me to accomplish much more that I would have ever managed to in the 43 years that I have spent living in this lifetime.

So here’s a guideline, as received through my ‘G-team’, in order to help us along in manifesting all that we desire to do in this glorious year of ascension!

  1. G-team: “Start with 2016!”
  • ME: “Whaaaaat?” “Why do I need to do that? I’m just glad 2016 is over!”
  • G-team: “Yes, start with what you HAVE achieved in 2016, and stop kicking yourself about what you HAVEN’T!”
  • ME: “Well, OK. But where do I start? So much happened to me, and I really didn’t do much for myself…”
  • G-team: “It happened FOR you, NOT TO you!” Now start writing and consider these aspects, talking about how they started out, how they developed, and how they ended up at the end of the year! Don’t judge! Just record! Now get to it!”

 Aspects to consider

  • Job / Employment status
  • Financial Status
  • Home Environment
  • Travel (where, frequency, reason)
  • Personal development – benefits achieved (emotional, healing, spiritual, support) – Classes taken and completed.
  • Creative outlets-Hobbies acquired and followed up on.
  • Health, diet & exercise.
  • Relationships: Circle of friends, Personal Relationships, Family relationships, pets.
  • Fears that you have dealt with and overcome. (Or have improved at dealing with)
  • Charity (Activity and participation).
  • Projects put in motion and are expecting the outcome in 2016.

 “Now remember! Just record the events! No, ‘yes, but this happened because…’ “.

2.G-TEAM: “Now write down 11 things that you would like to get done by the end of January 2017.”

  • ME: “Why 11?”
  • G-TEAM: “Manifestation…you know why! Just use the same aspects as above as a guideline. Start with the practical stuff but make sure that at least five (5) are only about and for you! Write the FIRST 11 things that come to your mind. Do not assess, just record!”
  • ME: “Why write a list only for January?”
  • G-TEAM: “Because things constantly change! Plans Change! Priorities change! Life changes!”
  • ME: Ok!  Got it! Done! That didn’t seem too daunting!


  • Save …(amount)…… in the bank.
  • Finish Reading Book on accessing the Akashic Record.
  • Work with Akashic library for 15 minutes.
  • Meditate daily and work diligently with crystals.
  • Continue to practice readings with my soul sisters.
  • Walk for 20 minutes per day.
  • Write for blog / page entry every day as guided by spirit,
  • Establish set up for Facebook page. (Use automatic Writing).
  • Choose one healthy food option – prepare eating plan to improve eating choices.
  • Don’t spend money on coffee and lunch. Bring my own from home.
  • Buy food for one homeless person.
  1. G-TEAM: “Now go through them and separate them into three categories: (a) Daily, (b) Weekly, (c) At the end of the month.”
  • ME: “Why separate them into categories?”
  • G-TEAM: “To avoid unrealistic goals that you know that you CAN’T achieve, especially on a daily basis, and focus on ones that CAN.”
  • ME: “Ouch… ”
  • G-TEAM: “How about actually achieving your New Year’s Resolutions this year! J
  • ME: “Oooo that would be nice!”
  1. G-TEAM : Now see which category has too many in it and adjust goals according to realistic aims that can be achieved in the allocated time frame.

EXAMPLE: (Note: I had to adjust and play around with quite a lot of these when sorting them!  I aspired to do most of them daily, despite working really long hours! Talk about realistic expectations!)


  • Work with Akashic library for 15 minutes.
  • Meditate daily and work diligently with crystals.
  • Walk for 20 minutes per day.
  • Don’t spend money on coffee and lunch. Bring my own from home.


  • Save …(amount)…… in the bank.
  • Continue to practice readings with my soul sisters.
  • Write for blog / page entry as guided by spirit.
  • Buy food for one homeless person.


  • Finish Reading Book on ‘Accessing the Akashic Record.’
  • Establish set up for Facebook page. (Use automatic Writing).
  • Choose one healthy food option – form eating plan to improve eating choices.
  1. G-TEAM: “Monitor the list daily and weekly. At the end of each week, cross off the ones achieved successfully and make a note of the ones that you haven’t. Make a note to consider making the unachieved matters FIRST in the following week!”
  1. G-TEAM: “At the end of the month. It’s evaluation time!”
  • How many did you accomplish?
  • How many did you not fully accomplish? (Why? What could you have done to fully accomplish your goal? Put it in next month’s intentions! Start again!)
  • How many did you not do? (Why? What were external factors that you had no power over? (Release them to the heavens and think no more of them!)
  • How many did you not do? (What could you have done about it? Reassess your goals. Keep it realistic. Put it in next month’s intentions! Start again!)
  1. G-TEAM: “Now when all is done at the end of the month, get ready for February! Just work through the same motions for every month and by the end of 2017, you will have such a long list to be grateful for!

“Now Remember!

You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed with everyday living.

Let your soul family and loved ones know that we love each and every one of you and want you always to feel and be loved by all of us in the higher realms.

But most of all we want you to love and take care of yourselves, so that you may all take care of each other!

Blessed be!”

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Making Archangelic Introductions: Archangel Jophiel -“The Dancing Queen”.

“You can dance, You can jive, Having the time of your life

Ooh, see that girl, Watch that scene.

Dig in the dancing queen” -ABBA

jophiel-sariAs the holiday season started to approach, visions of an elaborate, beautiful Bollywood dancer, enrobed in luxurious, deep pink and golden silk, alternated with a 70s, sexy and beautiful, disco, party girl wearing flashy, hot pink leggings and golden tops. As someone who has loathed Christmas Holidays since…well, forever, and has NEVER enjoyed the stress involved in being ‘MERRY’, this Archangel actually had this ‘Anti-Holiday’ party pooper looking forward to getting ready for the holidays! I found jophiel-discomyself listening to much more music, dancing like an idiot by myself at home, and seeing beauty even in the toughest of situations that I had to deal with.  Archangel Jophiel was and has been on a mission to make us see the ‘BEAUTY’ that lies in all things, both good and bad, and judging by the sad events influencing us all over the holidays…her timing to introduce herself to us is impeccable! With days to the beginning of the New Year, she comes as a reminder to shake us out of the ‘Holiday Blues’ and see the beauty all around us!

Who is Archangel Jophiel?

jophiel3First of all, I found it very strange that Archangel Jophiel clearly presented herself in female form. This has been only the second archangel to do so, the first one being ‘Archangel Ariel’. The Archangel Jophiel (Heb. יוֹפִיאֵל, “beauty of God”, “divine beauty”), also called IophielIofielJofielYofielYoufielZophiel (Tsophielצֹפִיאֵל, “spy of God”, “watchman of God”) and Zuriel (Tsuriel צוּרִיאֵל, “my rock is God”). She is an archangel, in the highest ranks of the Cherubim, the angels closest to the Creator, and has also been linked as a companion to Archangel Metatron. She has held significant roles in the Archangel Hierarchy and together with Archangel Zedkiel, she is always behind Archangel Michael, when he is called upon for protection and to fight evil.  So, Archangel Jophiel is not one of the shy, timid angels. She is a girl with strength and sassiness that knows when higher knowledge is received (Archangel Metatron), it must be combined with inner strength (Archangel Michael) to focus on the Beauty of God’s Plan for his children. She knows that beauty lies in forgiveness and compassion (Archangel Zedkiel) in order for beauty to be able to manifest itself in all areas of our lives. Think of Archangel Jophiel as resembling a modern day, multitasking woman: she works hard, stands her ground, is faithful to the ones she loves and works for, makes every effort to add a touch of beauty in everyday life and is the first to jump on the dance floor and party hard and enjoy herself, while retaining a spiritual light both inside and out!

How to recognize Archangel Jophiel

jophielArchangel Jophiel’s signature light has a distinct gold-colored hue to it! Around her radiates a deep dark pink light which is very vibrant!  Therefore, should you find yourself suddenly attracted to fuchsia, deep pink and gold, there is a very clear indication that Archangel Jophiel is trying to contact you! As a personal experience, over the holidays, this red wine, Merlot, enthusiast, hasn’t been able to drink anything else but sweet rose! If you have been drawn towards, sweet strawberry treats, Archangel Jophiel is drawing your attention to enjoy the beauty of food as a means to nourish the beauty both inside and out! If suddenly, you find yourself attracted to Gold and sparkly sequins on your clothes when you loathe them, well…you know who is trying to get you to add more dazzle into your life! How else could I explain, that the only piece of clothing that has caught my attention in the shops lately has gold sequins on it, which under normal circumstances I utterly detest!

jophiel4In art, Jophiel is often depicted holding a light or a crown, which represents her work illuminating people’s souls with beautiful thoughts. Jophiel serves as the patron angel of artists and intellectuals because of her work bringing beautiful thoughts to people. She is also considered the patron angel of people hoping to discover more joy and laughter to lighten up their lives. Not surprisingly the words ‘joy’, ‘jovial’, ‘jolly’, ‘jubilant’ and so many more, are feelings associated to the thoughts that this Archangel evokes in people.

How and When to Work with Archangel Jophiel?

  1. When you need to see the beauty in all things, call upon Archangel Jophiel to surround you with her light and allow you to see your beauty within, enriching your spiritual experiences and divine beauty and perfection as God’s creation. She is a perfect counselor to help you see things as they truly are and to dispel depression and negative thoughts. Meditation with Jophiel can change any negative frame of mind, and get rid of the blues. She loves to do this through dance tunes and dance lessons! For this reason I have jokingly nicknamed her ‘the serotonin goddess’.jophiel2
  2. When you are not ‘feeling beautiful’, and want to focus on changes concerning your physical appearance (weight loss, cosmetic procedures, a new hairstyle or even matters concerning makeup and wardrobe), call upon Archangel Jophiel to provide you with support and assistance to accomplish these goals successfully. She is the ultimate ‘image maker’ that will lead you to the right place through divine inspiration, while offering her protection from undesirable outcomes. The best day to start any diet or exercise regime is on a Sunday, Archangel Jophiel’s Power Day!
  3. strawberry-quartzWhen you are overwhelmed with clutter in your home, call upon Archangel Jophiel to assist you in de-cluttering your home and workspaces. She loves decorating and she is a Feng Shui Master! Call upon her also to fill your space with beauty, love and light through her lovely dark pink and gold aura! Placing some strawberry quartz, dark pink tourmaline and other dark pink crystals in your workspaces will amplify the strength of her presence. Beautiful bright yellow CITRINE also resonates with Archangel Jophiel!
  4. jophiel-tableWhen you are hosting a dinner party and preparing an important event or meal, do not hesitate to call upon Archangel Jophiel to help during your planning and preparations! She is a fabulous wedding or event planner and a Divine Master Chef! She can also help when you are afraid that the crowd might be awkward, or worse. Call upon her to inspire you by adding a special touch to the event that will envelope all guests with her beauty and love. It will keep everyone on their best behavior. Adding pinches of ‘dark pink and gold’ usually does the trick! Believe me when I tell you that she is the Archangel of ‘honey and spice and all things nice!’
  5. Call upon her when you have trouble writing what you want to manifest. We have been conditioned to see things in a pessimistic way, lowering our own vibrations and self-esteem, sometimes making it difficult to see the beauty of how things really are and what we want to manifest! Archangel Jophiel also oversees the work of other Archangels who work with manifestation. Therefore, this Manifestation Department Manager, can allow you to see and clearly express what you really want to manifest for your highest good!

There is so much need for us to remember the beauty surrounding us, as the constant negativity of news or people and events around us tend to make us forget this! Do not hesitate to call upon and work with the beautiful energy of Archangel Jophiel to bring beauty into your lives and manifest all that you desire according to your highest good!

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Making Angelic Introductions: Archangel Uriel: “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” – Jim Morrison

Few are the Archangels that have verified their presence to me in an extremely strong way.  It usually happens when I am not sure if the Archangel presenting themselves is really the one I think they are. The first glimpse of Archangel Uriel came to me as a presence with crossed arms around his chest, tapping his foot, like someone does when they are anxiously waiting. Although his name was delivered almost immediately, I waited till I learnt more about this Heavenly messenger, allowing him (he presented himself to me in a masculine form) to tell me all about himself before I started looking up further information.

As with all Archangels, he let me know himself when it was time to stop waiting and start writing. Archangel Uriel did this with an earthquake delivered at 1.11am, while in deep meditation and contact with him.  Scary yes! But in the most loving way! The Earthquake was a short, 5-Richter scale one, just enough to feel like a loved one who shakes you to wake you up! Since then, weekly small aftershocks have shaken the place where I live, as clever synchronicities to answers I was looking into about this Archangel. In fact, Archangel Uriel’s element is the Earth, and he has long been associated with thunder and earthquakes. As thunder is the sound of lightning, his gift is the flash of knowing, the thunderbolt of realization.uriel3

This time he had shown himself to me as a young version of Jim Morrison, casually lying on the steps of the Akashic Records, with a mysterious air about him. So there was me thinking that he wanted a song from the ‘Doors’ to represent him.  Wrong! As I waited to get the synchronicity of a “Door’s Song” to repeatedly pop up on the radio, none came. What I did get, was flooded contact with all forms of Art & poetry! This Archangel is a patron of inspiration, intuition and the arts and he chose Jim Morrison to show me his No.1 role in our lives. Some of Morrison’s deepest and most meaningful contributions involved his spiritual and deep poetry towards the end of his life. Archangel Uriel surely had something to do with that!  One of the diverse roles that Archangel Uriel  has had over the millennia is as the Archangel of Poetry and Music. He helps and encourages people engaged in any form of creativity. Uriel’s glyph is a flash of lightning, and he willingly provides flashes of inspiration for people who need it.

Who is the mysterious Archangel Uriel?

Uriel (אוּרִיאֵל “El/God is my light”, Auriel/Oriel (God is my light), Standard Hebrew Uriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʾÛrîʾēl) is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions.  Although he is considered as one of the top 4 Archangels, together with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, he has managed to either be quite evasive or avoid our attention. This has resulted in being either misunderstood for a fallen Angel or being left out of many religious texts.

uriel4In fact, this lack of being mentioned as much as other Archangels resonates with Uriel’s energy. Archangel Uriel is not one to reveal himself easily. Glorious blockbuster-film-type revelations are not really his cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong! He does come through when you need him and call upon him! However, he is quite  low-key.  You will feel him as ‘a strong gut feeling’ as he is the archangel that contacts you through your intuition. You will feel him as a sudden epiphany, when you need a solution to a problem or situation to a problem that may have seemed ‘unsolvable’ before his intervention. He is the archangel that will come to you in your dreams, if he has to, with valuable insight and assistance to something, when you need answers the most!

Archangel Uriel and Claircognizance

Archangel Uriel is closest to those who are mostly claircognizant.   He IS the Archangel of Claircognizance, the ability to just know something without logic or fact. If you are claircognizant, now you know who has always been working by your side! This is why Archangel Uriel is also known as ‘The Prophet”, intervening throughout religious texts, providing insight and saving people just before calamity strikes. In Christian apocryphal gospels Uriel plays a role, differing between sources, in the rescue of Jesus‘ cousin John the Baptist from the Massacre of the Innocents ordered by King Herod. He carries John and his mother Saint Elizabeth to join the Holy Family after their Flight into Egypt. In the Old Testament, he was the one who checked the doors of Egypt for lamb’s blood during the plague, and delivered the message to Noah about the impending flood. These could be some of the reasons for Archangel Uriel not being mentioned much in newer religious texts, although is his presence is deeply acknowledged.

 He will console you and flood you with inner calm when people think you are crazy and he will be the one you will remind you that you had foreseen this coming when events DO play out. Like someone who always goes: ‘See? I told you so!

Identifying and working with Archangel Uriel

As subtle as Archangel Uriel’s energy signature may be, it is VERY clear and impossible to confuse with the color signature of any other Archangel. He was adamant when he wanted to show me the difference in the shade of yellow that surrounds him. His yellow is a shade smog2of pale, dirty & dusty mustard yellow. Like the color of smog that you see when you look up into the sun on a hot summer’s day in the city.  Now imagine this smog-colored yellow sun at sunset, before it gets lost under the horizon, when under the yellow, beautiful red rays of light radiate outward into the dusk sky.  Something that made me wonder in the beginning whether it was Angelic at all, revealed itself as a stunning summer sunset as seen from a bustling city.  Archangel Uriel’s signature ray of light is RED, one of service to mankind that he has advocated in favor of, since the beginning of time! As the leader of the red angelic light ray, Uriel encourages people to express that compassion through service to God and others.

It was later, when I read more about him, that I found out that the crystal that most resonates with him the most is AMBER. I looked up and gave him another smirk! ‘Nice one!’ I said, as the iridescent color of amber evokes the same feeling you get when you amberlook at the dimming light of a summer sunset! Therefore, it came as no surprise to me to find out that the cardinal point of the Earth he governs is the North.  This planet’s largest deposits of Amber are found in theses regions. In these regions are also located the planet’s largest volcanoes that have brought about the most destructive earthquakes!

The energy in Amber can help people by encouraging them, helping them think more clearly, and giving them confidence. Both Amber the Red Angelic Light Ray are associated with the Solar Plexus. the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the solar plexus chakra may help them physically (such as by helping to treat conditions of the stomach, liver, kidneys, and colon), mentally (such as by helping people make decisions and become more confident), and spiritually (such as by helping people discover how to use their God-given talents to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives and make the world a better place).

uriel1In most depictions of Archangel Uriel you will see him as an archangel with golden amber and red wings and surrounding Aura.  Uriel’s sign is a hand filled with flame extended towards mankind as a gift and an example of God’s burning love for mankind. Uriel in his raised right hand holds a naked sword at the level of his chest, and in his lowered left hand “a fiery flame”. In some depictions of this Archangel he will be holding a book instead of a sword. The feast of Archangel Uriel is celebrated on July 28th marked by the Coptic Church of Egypt and Eastern Orthodox Church of Ethiopia.

When to call upon Archangel Uriel

The role of Archangel Uriel is extremely diverse.  From Hailing the trumpet to start the Apocalypse at the “End of Days”, to guarding the Tree of Life in Eden, or watching over Hell, Archangel Uriel has been extremely busy over the millennia! Although Most Archangels have been assigned specific responsibilities and duties, as Archangel Uriel is one of ‘the Ancients’ and has been around since the beginning of time, he can be called upon for a great number of reasons.  However be warned!  When you DO call upon him, he will answer!  And to do so, this heavenly teacher, will start from the beginning and not necessarily from the point where you called upon him. This means that he will start his teaching from the beginning of the matter that is now manifesting itself. Archangel Uriel’s ‘teaching methods’ are primarily focused on bringing you back to your divine self, and he will do so by showing the root cause of the problem that may be adversely affecting you at present. You will have this divine messenger by your side as a faithful tutor till you reach the enlightened state and your worries or problems will be solved.

image_of_uriel_the_archangel_cairoMost people are not ready for this work to take place.  You might feel that you are ‘backtracking’ in your spiritual development. Nonetheless, if Archangel Uriel showed me one thing over this past month it is that “in order for the ‘light of God’ to shine upon you and in your lives, you must go through some dark corridors.” Fear not, because you are not alone when doing this! Archangel Uriel will be your trusted beacon of light, shining the way to the light in the matter! You can easily identify him working with you as this time, while in your darkest hours, as this time round you will overcome all obstacles much faster and much more effectively than you did in the past, when you had to deal with the same matters. ‘Patience makes perfect’ is his motto, and should you find yourself wanting to ‘get over this quickly’, he might be keeping you in this place for a reason. When you get it, then, almost immediately, you will see the issue magically disappear.

‘God’s most ancient teacher of teachers’ can be called upon by all teachers and students. Teachers may call upon him to offer guidance and inspiration, so that THEY receive inspiration while teaching and that their students effectively assimilate what they are learning! Now that I have been working with this Archangel closely for over a month, I snicker when I remember WHERE he chose to reveal himself to me. On the steps of the Akashic Records! He is, afterall, the one who accompanied the Prophet Enoch to heaven, who then became the Archangel Metatron and the Master of the Akashic Records.

angel_uriel2Students of all levels and sectors may call upon him when studying, when writing or when taking a test. Rest assured that he has a ‘soft spot’ for all learners and he will be the one right by your side while taking an exam. He will whisper correct and appro­priate answers into your ear, which you’ll receive as words or thoughts that are suddenly “downloaded” into your mind. He will keep you calm and focused during the exam, without any stress, and help you complete it during the allocated exam time.  In fact, he works in tandem with the arch­angel Zadkiel to help students excel on tests and in school.

Managers and Team Leaders may call upon him for guidance and inspiration when they have a presentation to make, or a difficult meeting. This Divine ‘brainstorming aficionado’ is your perfect ally in these circumstances and loves to promote teamwork and team spirit, when the work & outcome involved, is for the highest good.

When in danger of the effects of natural disasters, call upon Archangel Uriel for protection.  He is responsible for protecting people from floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Some people believe that Uriel appears in storms and rainbows. Because of this close association with the Earth, Uriel acts as a channel between the Earth and the divine, bringing God’s plan into the material world.

After you ask Uriel for help, notice your thoughts. You can trust what you get as the right answer, directly from the archangel.

I cannot think of a better way to finish Archangel Uriel’s Angelic Introduction other than the following part of this famous Jewish Prayer called the “Kriat Shma”. Although not Jewish myself, this beautiful prayer conveys my gratitude for Uriel’s constant presence, guidance & protection, alongside his siblings of the Angelic Realm.

“To my right Michael and to my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head the Shekhinah [God’s presence through his Holy Spirit].”

NOTE: Just as I finished this article, Archangel Uriel decided to show me that I had forgotten to mention that the number that resonates with him the most is the Number 2! How? By showing me that the number of words of this article, without this note, is 2222! LMAO! Blessed be thy Uri-EL!

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Psychic Attack Defense Strategies 101 – Keeping out the dark.

There has been way too much ugliness going round! Too many global events (natural, political, inhumane etc…), too many ugly words said, people turning on people, animals turning on animals, nature turning on nature….and some people getting more than fair share of misfortune, despite living in kindness and focusing on their spiritual growth. Especially light workers! It seems that these people have been hit hard the most and the attacks are coming in from all directions!

Being human, no matter how much your heart is pure, and no matter how meticulously you maintain your spiritual hygiene, sometimes you, too, end up looking at the sky and saying: “Seriously? What I have done to deserve this?”

Although we may all know that we are here in order for ‘lessons to be learned’, before you turn to the heavens and go on a ‘Why me?’ rampage, think whether you might be under a psychic attack.

Are you under  psychic Attack?

Here are the most common types of psychic attacks and what might have brought them on:

  • Gossip : Have I been overly gossipy or judgmental lately?

Like attracts like on all levels. Even if we are expressing opinions on matters of current affairs, or something we have heard on the grape vine, be assured that ‘innocent’ gossip is considered to be one of the most dangerous attacks that is always karma-causing for the perpetrator. Many beliefs consider gossip as something evil, with ill intent towards whom it may be directed, naming it as a form of ‘black magic’. Many may disbelieve the simple power of the tongue, but lying words, bullying and judgment of any kind will lead to a backlash, faster than you can say ‘ in a jiffy”. Too many friendships, personal relationships, professional and family ties have been broken beyond repair, as a result of ‘gossip’, and ‘he said, she said’ tactics.  Some things you may experience because of gossip are the following:

  • Other people suddenly acting weirdly or not wishing to speak to us
  • People suddenly turn against us as though poisoned
  • Dirty looks, or
  • Downright anger is coming our way

psychic-attack-angerThe result of it all, may have left some feeling relieved, but drained to excess with negative physical manifestations being experienced, nonetheless.

In any case, the known rule applies: “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all’…for your own sake, rather than anyone else’s.

  • Have I been ‘a bit too open’ with others?

Unfortunately, most psychic attacks are performed from our fellow humans who may wish us harm, be envious of us or who may simply derive great pleasure from being cruel and seeing others suffer. Such attacks become even more vicious, when these people see you prospering and really cannot deal with your progress and happiness, when they do not have any in their own lives. Of course, it easier for them to lash out in a psychic attack, rather than admire you, take note on how you achieved these beneficial results, and have you as their role model. Their ego is in no way mature enough for such actions and achieving prosperity requires work that they are not willing to do.

Some might take it a step further and resort to spells, rituals and dark magic. The first thing you might experience is an energy attack. In other words, you are suddenly drained, feeling great discomfort or manifest a severe headache, dizziness, vomiting or inability to focus. Such is the case if you have been attacked by the ‘evil eye’.

During the influence of the evil eye you might feel some of the following:

  • Any addictive behavior (smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol) can get worse.
  • Getting involved in unusual fights with others.
  • Feel a sense of impatience, you are on edge constantly.
  • You feel out of sorts.
  • Unexpected fits of anger may overcome you for now apparent reason.
  •  You experience bouts of depression for no known reason, nothing has changed to cause it.
  • You experience constant mood swings, moody, not yourself.
  • Thoughts of doing bad things you would never usually entertain overcome you.
  •  You feel a constant, daily fatigue for no reason
  • Your sense of self-confidence can disappear, feeling less than yourself
  • Apparent and consecutive bad luck episodes take place in your life, slip ups, bad memory
  • Health problems that you know ill-wishers may be experiencing may manifest on you.

Some people may even resort to dark magick and rituals in order to cause an accident, or to take out what I call a ‘mafia hit’ on a family member, your home or even a pet, in order to cause you immeasurable pain. However, it is important to realize that such a thing cannot realize itself, unless already in your Soul Contract to do so. Usually, we will experience sudden small incidents that will alert us to what might be happening. In this way, should we feel the need to do so, we can follow any of the protective practices that will be mentioned below, to balance out the negative energies. Something that we must remember is that any ‘dark magick, spells or rituals’ will boomerang themselves and return to the sender. A spell can only hurt us if we believe that it can, if we allow its power to gather momentum and subsequently allow it to manifest through the law of attraction. In this case, the best thing to do is to place no faith in the power of such magick, but to place all your belief in the protection method that you have put into action. In this way, such spells lose their power and their strength.

  • Have I been dabbling in the spirit realm without meticulously practicing spiritual hygiene and learning how to protect myself?

Many start to work with the spirit realm without thoroughly doing their research.  It all starts innocently, maybe as a party game when young, but if you open the door to the spirit world without mastering spiritual hygiene and self-protection methods, you may open the door to other entities in the spirit realm and experience any of the following:

  • You can’t sleep and have very strange, disturbing dreams
  • You have thoughts of doing bad things you would never usually entertain
  • You experience paranoia, like something is influencing you
  • You start hearing voices, being told what to do, being pressured relentlessly
  • You feel energy drained from body during sleep
  • You feel a constant, daily fatigue for no reason
  • You experience cold, icy feelings in your limbs or body that persists
  • You have a feeling of being watched but there is no one in the room
  • You wake in the night paralyzed
  • You suddenly feel frozen and feel like being physically attacked with energy in body or neck
  • If clairvoyant, you may see hostile entities at night that resemble demons

psychic-attack-sleepIt is equally important to master closing and self-clearing of your own energy fields after contacting spirit. As my mediumship teacher and mentor says again & again: “You don’t leave the door of your home unlocked at night do you? If you do, then anyone can enter! In the same way, you must close your aura, cleanse your energy field and ground to the Earth after communicating with spirit!”

How can I be sure if I am under psychic attack or not?

First of all, if you feel like you are under psychic attack, you probably are. Your intuition, 6th sense, higher-self, call it whatever you like, is the soul instinct we are born with and gifted upon us from the Divine as our ultimate guide as long as we live on this Earth.

If any of the symptoms previously mentioned persist, without their being any medical explanation to account for them, then most likely the idea has probably already popped into your head. But just in case, you may still have any doubts, here is a personal and tried method that you may try to verify whether what you are experiencing a psychic attack or not:

  • Choose a healthy BAY LAUREL plant, Rosemary or Basil Plant.
  • Call upon your protector guides or Archangel Michael in meditation or prayer.
  • Ask them to show you whether the reason why you are going through these symptoms is due to psychic attack or not.
  • What usually happens, as in my case, is that the plant will cease to absorb water (I mean literally, the water will float on top of the soil), shrivel up slowly and die.

If despite constant love and care for the plant, you see it getting sick, start using your favored protection method against psychic attack and practice any spiritual protection method or prayer meticulously till you are relieved of any negative symptoms. It is a message from the divine that you are under psychic attack. As you practise your protection method, you will see the plant absorbing all negativity that has been bestowed upon you. You in turn, will be getting stronger. Again in my case, as rapid healing started taking place, the plant started to suffer. My health and vitality were restored, but my 6-year-old Bay Laurel tree is no longer with us.

 When the plant has shriveled and died out, throw out or burn both the soil and the plant, and give thanks to your guides and/or Archangel Michael for guiding you and offering you their protection.

Ways to protect ourselves from psychic attacks.

  • Cleanse and strengthen your aura.

auraWorking with your aura, cleansing it often via smudging, crystal elixirs, aura sprays and by using essential oil blends, learning how to open and close it properly, as well as keeping it close to you, keeps it healthy and strong, not allowing for the penetration of negative energies through it. Maintaining a balanced diet, abstaining from consumption of drugs, large amounts of alcohol and smoking, also contributes to keeping it solid and strong. Drinking a lot of water, also keeps the energy flowing through our aura and our chakras smoothly, as weak energy flows make our auras weak. A healthy aura is a strong aura and therefore forms a natural form of strong protection around you.

  • Contacting and working with your Protector Guide.

Contacting and getting to know our Protector Guide is vital if we feel that we are susceptible to psychic attacks. Our protector guides were assigned to us from birth and remain with us throughout our whole lives. As celestial beings, however, they are subject the creator’s cardinal rule and that is ‘Free Will’. This means that although they look out for us and protect us from any major harm, they cannot intervene, unless we call upon them for their assistance and guidance.  Our Protector Guide is usually the first guide we can easily contact through meditation and learn to identify their ‘calling card’, in other words, a specific feeling of physical symptom that helps us understand it is them. As you continue to work with your protector guide, you will quickly be able to identify their calling card, as a means to quickly understand that you may be under psychic attack or any other kind of imminent danger.

  • Calling upon Archangel Michael

michael-orthodoxArchangel Michael transcends all belief systems and is the Creator’s Master General. Call upon him any time and asking for his protection, to shield you in a protective bubble of white light & use his sword to cut cords with any negative energy that may be affecting you. If you would like to read more about Archangel Michael as well as learn a technique that may allow you to identify his calling card, please refer to the following article:

  • Crystals and Mirrored Jewelry

Carrying programmed crystals for protection, like Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Hematite and Smokey quartz, or wearing mirrored jewelry, allows for negative energies to be deflected and kept away from you. There is so much material online on this matter that will allow you to choose the best crystals and mirrored jewelry that resonate with you.

Needless to say, there is a multitude of ways that can be used for protection against psychic attacks. I must not fail to mention, however, that if nothing of the above helps, then it is time for you to consider consulting a licensed professional and consider doing a ritual house cleansing or candle work, especially if malicious spiritual entities persist in your surroundings.

Stay safe, protected and divine light and love everyone!

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Archangel Michael: ‘I have always been here by your sides!’

Times and beliefs have changed over the millennia but a quick look at some of the past depictions of ancient Gods worshipped by ancient civilizations shows something that now is abundantly clear! Archangel Michael has always been by our sides!

If you would like to read more about Archangel Michael, please refer to the following link:

In the meantime, take a look at different representations of Archangel Michael in antiquity till present. Do you see any similarities?

  1.  ANCIENT GREECE:  The God Apollo

apollo apollo2


horus ra


roman-god-sol sol2

4. Archangel Michael: Judaism, Christianity & Islam



Just by looking at these depictions of Archangel Michael over time is testament to his love for us! In his own words:

I have always been, I am and will be by your sides. I will humbly act as your champions and fight for you to stay in the essence of your true selves, which is none other than that of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!”


Making Archangelic Introductions: Archangel Michael: (“We will, we will ROCK you!”)

NOTE: To fully enjoy Archangel Michael’s Introduction, get the song of each part playing while you read through his message to you!

It’s been over a month since my last post due to sudden health concerns that demanded my urgent attention. And just like urgent matters tend to be , so is Archangel Michael, who made sure that he came through demanding that it be his turn in the Archangelic Introduction Series.   Although this series so far, seems to play out as a Divine Karaoke Contest that plays out usually between two or three archangels throughout the week, and the ‘winner’ is the one whose song keeps popping up randomly on the radio, “He who is like God” would have none of it! With HIM, it was a series of consecutive events, synchronicities that would make even the most skeptical become the strongest believers, divine signs, people unknown relaying answers to your thoughts exactly when you sought divine guidance …and a whole playlist materializing each time HE understood that I got the message as validation! When Archangel Michael requests an audience, he will rock your world till you listen. Any significant changes that have changed the course of your life mean Archangel Michael is requesting your attention!

One other thing that was evident and made clear by the ‘Master General of the Heavens’ was that his introduction was NOT to be in the same form like all others!  Since his presence is the one felt by all, irregardless of spiritual beliefs, on an immediate and more personal level, HE made it clear that only by writing about HIM with a more personal approach, will readers be able to truly understand his strength, greatness and how much he actually does help us and influence during our time here on this Earthly Plane.  So bear with me! I have no idea how ‘The TAXIARCH ‘ of the Archangelic Realm will develop this post, as I have left it entirely ‘unto HIM, who is like the Divine’ to ‘DO IT HIS WAY’ as he requested from Frank Sinatra’s morning serenade, playing out of nowhere,  while listening to a rock radio station!


‘I have been here with you all since the beginning of time. In fact, together with my brothers Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, we are considered the guardians of the four quarters of the Earth and even existed in Mesopotamian Times as deities.  Of course, many more ancient civilizations also acknowledged my presence and showed me great respect. The Ancient Egyptians knew me as ‘Ra’, the sun God. Other names I have had were ‘the God Apollo” by the Ancient Greeks and ‘the God SOL by the Romans”. So well-known and prominent was my love for you, that all following Faiths have acknowledged my existence and have given me various names. The current name that most of you know me by at present is  derived from Hebrew  as Micha’el or Mîkhā’ēl; Greek: Μιχαήλ, Mikhaḗl; Latin: Michael (in the Vulgate Michahel); Arabic: ميخائيل‎‎, Mīkhā’īl. Over the time since these religions were established, the religious orders have tried to prohibit you from appealing directly to me, but in light of my love, assistance and protection over the ages, they failed to do so. In fact, till this very day, they have only achieved the opposite! As a result, they have come to acknowledge me as a messenger from the Creator and have given me the title of ‘Archangel’. I now officially occupy important parts of Jewish, Christian, Orthodox and Muslim teachings, liturgies and spiritual practices. The titles I don’t really care about, but the acknowledgement I humbly accept, as a means for you to know that I have always been, I am and will be by your sides. I will humbly act as your champions and fight for you to stay in the essence of your true selves, which is none other than that of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!’


Nessun Dorma (This means: ‘No one sleeps!’)- Worth using Google translate to look up the lyrics to this classic masterpiece!

“Should you call me, I will answer!”  I will make my presence known to you by any means necessary and rest assured your pleas are heard. I am the ‘Taxiarch’ of the Angelic Realm, in other words, my main role is to uphold the Angelic and Cosmic Order. As such, my presence will be the first you immediately sense as I call in my siblings, each in accordance with their divine roles, to further assist you to continue to remain in the light as you too are one of God’s children and the Divine Father and creator of ALL, will always answer your call.

I AM OMNIPRESENT! In no way feel that you have asked for my assistance too many times and feel that you shouldn’t call upon me! It gives me great divine joy to serve the Creator and I feel nothing but Divine Unconditional Love and Gratitude that I may be there for you! YES! I, too, also feel humbly grateful that when you open your hearts and with pure love in them and you call upon me! You do NOT need to beg, employ elaborate language or prayer to call upon me! I am God’s soldier and champion! I really DO NOT LIKE sweet talk! Not that I will not hear and answer your plea, of course. But the best way to call upon me is by using:  Simple Present Verb Tenses, as I do not acknowledge the concept of time and space. I am omnipresent remember? You can also directly appeal to me using ‘Imperative’. I am a military General in God’s Holy Angelic Order, so I work well and easily with orders! (I give quite a few myself!) Oh! But I must ask you NOT TO USE NEGATIVE WORDS when you call upon me! This is something that only takes place on this dense 3D plane and derives from negative vibrations, mostly that of fear! I DO NOT KNOW THE CONCEPT OF FEAR and, therefore, do not acknowledge negative words! So if for example, you call upon me and say: ‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is not harmed’, I will understand this: ‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is harmed!”. The best way to express this would be: “‘Archangel Michael, hear my plea so that my child is safe!”. This may need some training in the beginning, because unfortunately expressing your thoughts using negative words comes to you much easier than just saying the same thing using ONLY positive wording!

Call upon me when you need immediate protection. I will be by your side even before you finish your plea as I can instantaneously feel and sense when you are in danger. With this one, one night she was returning home from work, when she sensed someone behind her so close that she felt that whoever they were, they were making her feel scared. The only thing she had time to say was ‘Michael! Protection! NOW!’, while she turned to see a female figure in the form of a young girl behind her. When she got to a well-lit area with clear visibility, she turned to see where the ‘young girl’ had gone. She was nowhere in sight! As she was not of physical form! You see I have no problem with showing you that I will protect you from anything that is not of the light! I love it when you become skeptical and even when, just for a moment, you may doubt me being there. I am much stronger than negativity that may cause such emotions and feel blessed when you see for yourselves that the light has no shadow! The love I feel radiating from you after such an experience makes me all the more grateful to serve both the Creator and you!

You may call upon me also for the highest good of others. I will hear your plea and serve only the highest good and the purest of intentions. But please bear in mind, that as a servant of the Lord, I honor the gift of free will that he has bestowed upon you. So, it is neither yours nor anyone else’s fault, for that matter, if the free will of others leads to an outcome that you may not desire.

I am also good with helping you fix any electronic equipment malfunction. As electricity and electronic circuits in such devices, appliances and gadgets are a physical manifestation of energy; this stuff is right up my alley! Electricity and my ray of light is white or blue in color and my prism of light includes all others available. So don’t hesitate to call upon me when you are in desperate need of technical assistance. I will definitely put in my best effort to fix the problem or to show you immediately what needs to be done to do so!


Many times you pray, pray, pray and constantly call upon me and I am already there by your sides 24/7! But you are too busy calling upon me that you are not listening! Please take a moment to sit in silence and you will be able to hear, see or feel my reply. There are many ways that I will choose to do this and they will be immediate! They will be a personalized and you WILL KNOW that it’s from me, beyond a shadow of a doubt! All you need to do is take notice of a few things.

Are you calling upon me for protection and to shield you with my protective white light? You will feel me as a bright white light. If you close your eyes and slow down your breathing, my presence will feel like someone is flashing a flashlight on your closed eyelids and you can feel the light and warmth on them. Then you will sense a warm tingling feeling on the top of your head, which is the area of your crown, showing you that I am encircling you with my protective white light. You may also feel me grounding your feet as you get a tingling feeling on the souls of your feet, feeling like roots are coming out of them, grounding you to the Earth.

Are you calling upon me and you feel frustrated that you are not being heard? Check the time! If it’s a repetitive number sequence, it’s an immediate answer to what is troubling you! Check out the significance of this repetitive number and rest assured that all is well in accordance with your highest good!

If you are seeking guidance on a particular matter and you get a light buzz in one of your ears immediately, rest assured that I am right there with you! If you would like to feel a personalized physical manifestation of my presence and know that when you feel this, it validates my presence, try this:

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position with your legs uncrossed.
  2. Call upon me to show you a manifestation of my presence in your physical body.
  3. Take one deep breath and raise it till the top of your torso and keep it till you count to 5.
  4. Then breathe out with once deep breath till you empty and feel the breath coming out of your root and hold it there.
  5. Take notice of a sensation in a part of your body. This is my personalized physical manifestation of my presence to you! (For example, for this one, it is a pang in her left shoulder blade, so now each time she feels it, she knows that it’s me who is close to her!)
  6. Practise this exercise for a week to verify the physical manifestation of my presence!

Oh! And if need be, I will send you someone to tell you exactly I need you to know, if nothing else works! You will receive my message, so do not despair! I know you can hear me so I will make sure that I find a way to make you listen!


I am not only there when you need protection! I am also there when you have been wronged. I hear your pain and nothings pains me more than the tears of those who have been unjustly wronged and have been hurt unfairly. In many cultures I am known as the ‘Angel of Vengeance’. This is not entirely true. Nonetheless, I will restore justice. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s my job to serve the Divine Creator and to be in service for your highest good. Karma has been a term that has been greatly misunderstood. It is not a concept of revenge. It is a concept of keeping the natural order of things and Divine Balance.  And the natural order of things is pure unconditional love, compassion for one another and to remember your Divine Purpose.  All actions do have consequences but they all lead to you remembering your Divine Essence. There is always a reason why unfavorable things happen in your lives. It is so that you may learn from the experience and grow.  The lesson will be repeated till you do. Till you learn and grow. Till you remember who you truly are! For this one, in order for her to get this message, I sent her a taxi driver to tell her: ‘Why do you beg God for help in difficult times. God is your father. And fathers always love and demand the best for their children! So don’t ask! Demand from him with a pure heart, like you would do from her Earthly father!” So, in times of adversity do not ever believe that I have forsaken you. Look above the storm and see the silver lining! It is always there and so am I to help you see how much the Creator loves you and is always looking out for your highest good! Hey! I kicked Satan’s butt and have continued to do so ever since…so do not worry! And since astrology has linked me to the Astrological sign of Leo, believe me when I tell you that when you have suffered injustice, I WILL ROAR!


Never forget how much I love you! I always have, ever since the creator formed your soul! Because even when you don’t, I know who you really are! Rest assured that I can see your true colors and they are beautiful like a rainbow! We share the same color of pure light. The creator has made YOU in his own image and ME ‘He who is like God’!  Therefore, your rainbow is my white light and we are all ONE!



The Complete Chakra Workout: 1st Chakra (PART B): The Root (Base Chakra) – Muladhara (Essential Oils, Herbs & Spices, + PLUS : Complete 7- day Diet Program)

In the Part A of this series, regarding the Root Chakra, 6 different ways that may assist balancing and healing of the Root Chakra were mentioned, explained and enriched with examples. If you would like to read about these ways and the importance of maintaining a balanced Root Chakra, please refer to the following link:

essential-oild-rootIn this part of the series, the bounty of the Earth already available to us is going to be listed, so as to complete the Root Chakra Workout. By incorporating these ideas in your daily lives, you will be able to balance out your root chakra quickly and effectively, not allowing Root Chakra imbalances to manifest themselves in the form of physical and other problems, which only make our daily lives in this physical 3D plane even more difficult.

Essential Oils, Herbs and Spices

How to Use them to balance and promote healing of the Root Chakra.

  • Place a few drops of essential oil in water and allow the aroma of the essential oil to diffuse into the air.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil into carrier oil and use this oil to massage the hips, legs and feet.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil into a water bottle filled with water and spray the aura around your root chakra, on even on top of your clothes around the area of the root chakra.
  • Incorporate herbs and Spices into your diet.

Here are just some of the ways with which essential oils can facilitate more effective healing of the Root Chakra:

Essential Oil



Sandalwood is calming and works well when the symptoms involve, depression and anxiety. It works gently on the nervous system and harmonizes the emotional body. Facilitates grounding when the root chakra is over or underactive.


Myrrh is uplifting and removes the sense of fear. It promotes spiritual awareness and allows for feelings of safety to arise, as it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Also works well to deal with depression, anxiety and a sense of insecurity. It brings us closer to our true nature, facilitates grounding and allows for the transcendence of the material aspect of the root chakra.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang facilitates balancing of the Root Chakra that is overactive. Helps deal with matters of agitation & fear. It is also a relaxing essential oil and acts as a mild sedative in cases of anxiety.


 Clove Essential oil creates a  sense of protection and safety. It allows for one to feel secure and promotes sleep. It also facilitates blood circulation dissolves blood clots and removes stagnation from the blood.

Black Pepper

The ultimate oil for balancing the Root Chakra. It is an essential oil to use when a person feels stuck as it unlocks and gets energy moving.

Cedar wood

Cedarwood has a woody aroma and is used to calm feelings of anger. It eases nervous tension, anxiety and panic attacks, especially if you are feeling unable to stay in one place for long. It helps keep you grounded, while allowing for communication with your higher self.


Juniper aids blood circulation and purification. It increases circulation through the kidneys and allows for the release of toxins accumulated in the body. On an emotional level, it helps one break free from psychological stagnation, allows them to move forward and releases contracted energy through grounding.


Vetiver facilitates communication of the Root Chakra with the other chakras of the body. It facilitates grounding, releasing pent up energy and allows for relaxation and a calming effect. Especially useful if the unbalanced root chakra is attributed to shock or trauma. It allows for a restful sleep.


Cinnamon aids the functioning of the adrenal glands, It raises the metabolism, allowing for increased blood circulation and elimination of both toxins and pent up energy stored in the Root Chakra. It facilitates grounding and acts as a tranquilizer to deal with issues of depression, anxiety , fear and insecurity.


Ginger facilitates blood circulation in the hands and feet and allows for the elimination of toxins through the kidneys

Carrot Seed Carrot Seed facilitates balancing of the root chakra & cleanses the blood by increasing blood circulation. It also serves a general toxin for the nervous system.
Onion, & Garlic  Increases Blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and the circulatory system.
Angelica Root

Angelica Root Oil may help fight infections, stimulate the immune system and help motivate the elimination of toxins. Angelica Root Essential Oil also has a history of aromatherapy use towards combating stress, anxiety and exhaustion.


The fragrance of Patchouli Essential Oil is rich, earthy and grounding. In skin and hair care, Patchouli Oil is a wonderful staple to keep on hand. It is helpful for most all skin types ranging from dry, cracked skin all the way to helping to regulate oily skin and acne. Those with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff have said that patchouli is especially helpful for them. Emotionally, Patchouli Essential Oil is calming and grounding. Spiritually, it has been used alone or in blends during prayer and meditation.

Diet Regime

Traditionally the Root Chakra is associated with Red fruits and vegetables as well as all root vegetables, herbs and spices. The aim is to promote grounding, releasing any tension, anxiety fear and excess energy accumulated in the Root Chakra. The added bonus of incorporating these foods into your diet is that you will build your immune system. Increase your metabolism and eliminate toxins from your body. It is advisable to combine them with healthy vegetable oils, such as olive oil and a high- valued protein source for maximum nutrient absorption!

red-fruits-and-veggies-titleHere is a general food list that balances, heals and strengthens the Root Chakra:

  • Red Fruits: Strawberries, Cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, red apples, cherries, tomatoes, red grapes. Pomegranates etc.
  • Red Vegetables: Red Beetroot, Red Bell Peppers, Red Chilli Peppers, Rutabaga , Sweet Paprika
  • Root vegetables: Carrots, Parsnips, Leeks, Beans, Peas, Radishes, mushrooms etc.
  • Carbs: Red russet potatoes, Sweet potato, Rice, mullet and other grains, cassava, wheat

7-day Diet Plan for the Root Chakra

Here are just some ideas, with recipes, to promote constant balancing and healing of the Root Chakra

Day 1:







Oatmeal with red fruits and rice milk

Ginger Tea with honey and lemon


Italian Tomato Salad (Pazanella)

Snack: Red Fruit Sorbet

 (Just blend frozen chopped red fruit with a tablespoon of water and voila! Ready on the spot!)


Pasta Al’Olio

 Cocktail / Night Cap: Virgin Bloody Mary


Day 2







Red Fruit Smoothie with cinnamon , yoghurt and honey

(Blend everything in a blender with ice-cubes and you are ready to go!)


French Onion Soup with crusty Wholegrain Bread

Snack / Dessert: Red Apple Crumble with Strawberry Yogurt






Carrot, Apple, Celery crudities (sticks) with red beetroot & garlic Dip and garlic bread!

( Shred 2 raw beets on a cheese grater, and mix with Greek yogurt, I clove crushed garlic, a pinch of red wine vinegar, salt and pepper) – NOTE: wear gloves and apron as beets dye hands and clothes badly!

Sweet Paprika Chicken with Rice

Day 3


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Vanilla yogurt

(Just add cinnamon, clove and nutmeg powder to your pancake mix and enjoy!



Red Fruit juice!


 Sweet Chilli Stir fry with Rice Noodles

(Stir fry shredded carrots, Red Bell Peppers & other root vegetables, Onion, Garlic, and some shredded cooked chicken in some sesame oil. Add sweet chilli sauce and stir in the cooked noodles at the end)


Carrot Soup with coconut & ginger + crusty whole wheat bread


Day 4


Cinnamon French Toast drizzled with honey


Red Fruit Juice




Roasted Root Vegetable Sandwich with Cheese on Crusty Whole wheat bread



Mushroom Risotto & Garlic Bread

Day 5


Carrot spoon sweet over Greek Yogurt


Apple and Cinnamon Tea


Roasted Vegetable pasta Salad with Balsamic Vinegar and basil

 (Mix chopped roasted vegetables from the list above, with cooked penne pasta and balsamic vinegar and basil)


 Pepper Steak with Baked potato & celeriac mash, and boiled peas and carrots.

 Day 6


 Grilled Cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread, Ham, Roasted Red Bell Pepper


(Just add some roasted red bell pepper and a slice of ham to your classic Grilled Cheese sandwich)

Red Fruit Juice


 Vegetarian Pizza Slice with shredded carrot salad


(top your pizza with roasted root vegetables, fresh tomatoes , cheese and basil),,20681147,00.html

(For the shredded carrot salad, just grate carrot and mix with parsley, ginger, honey, lemon juice and olive oil)


Vegetable Lasagna  ( You may also add beef mincemeat) & Garlic Bread



Day 7



Greek Rice Pudding (Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator)

 Red Fruit Tea


Stuffed Mushroom Burger with  Greek Beetroot Salad and French Fries


 Roasted Fish with sizzled ginger, chilli & Spring Onions


 The possibilities are endless!!!!

Show yourself some love this week and feel healthy, balanced, calm and full of vigor by healing and balancing your Root Chakra! Since we are what we eat, we deserve only the best!

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